A Day With A Book

Have you ever imagine what will it be like having a day with your book? I’ve written something similar to this before, you could check out A Date With A Book which is a pretty short article since I started writing it pretty early in my blogging career and I thought my writing was kinda sloppy back then. Luckily, you all are so lovely and showered me with all your positive response that swelled my heart away. Sending my virtual hug to ya’ll (っ╹v╹ )っ

Anyway, here’s several tips you could do when you’re stuck (or volunteer to stay nerd) with one book of your choice for a day:

The obvious answer, you could read.

Reading won’t hurt right? Even when I’m in reading slump, if I have nowhere to go except for my book, I will read my brains out. The introductory chapters might be boring at first since we are not in the mood to read, but once we read deeper and finally arrived to the part where havoc is inevitable, Wow. Hours passed by without notion.

Or you could simply create your own list!

Make your own journal of the book! Anything will do! What do love about the book, what is your honest opinion on the book, who would you recommend it for and stuffs. The purpose is to expand your creativity and let you remember all those tiny details you’ll forget after years of negligence to the book. You could even create your own booklet full of your favourite quotes! How pretty and motivating will they be?!

Pamper your book!

Yes! pamper them, take care of them! Rather than you neglect the book (which is as sad as it might be, we all know it is very pricey) and made them go dusty dusty, why don’t you take special care to your book? Like try making new book sleeves? I have never ever tried to make my own book sleeves before but I always wrap my books in transparent plastic wrapper when I have the time. Book covers are great as new! Definitely worth it!

What did you receive in return for spending time close to your book for a day?


I do not understand why, but being with books are always peaceful to me. No matter I read them or simply place myself in the middle of books and just stared at the books, I find it calming. I am alone but I’m not lonely and I find myself very comfortable with the solitude moment.

You gain knowledge when you read

For whatever book it is. Be it educational, motivational, poetry or even fiction with varied genre from fantasy to thriller, you will always gain something new. Which is pretty awesome!♥

Who knows? Might even gain some self-awareness♥

What could be better than gaining self-awareness that could help you grow to be a thoughtful and intellectual person? Be able to look at and truly understand different perspective and value in this world is a true gift.

Have you ever tried locking yourself in the room just to read? Well, despite locking myself, I have ever tried distancing myself from the world just to read. For one whole day. I went out of my room just to eat for a short while and take some necessities break then directly went back to bed and read. Which is utterly crazy when I remembered those days right in this moment and I could feel my eyes pricking the moment I finish my 300 pages read. Happens only once or twice though¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How about you? Have you ever spent a day with a book?

Author : Celine

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