Physical Appearance Is Not Everything.

Physical Appearance Is Not Everything.

I wonder when did physical appearance start to be an important aspect to society. Physical appearance sure can be our plus point to flaunt our charm. Ironically, these days society has been so obsessed with physical appearance. We don’t even know when did those symptoms start to spread. It just happen as if it’s natural.

Caring and maintaining our appearance to look nicer and better is natural reactions and actions we do everyday. Whether if we are a man or a woman, we always try our best to look nice, neat, pretty and handsome. We are free to doll up ourselves to look nicer. The thing is that, nowadays, some people are trying too hard to be pretty and handsome. I am not saying that those are inappropriate, and for sure all of us have the right to live the life we want to be, but what is wrong with loving our skin and bones and just be ourselves?

I realise the reason that people are busy minding their physical appearance is because the talks of the society that influence and urge people to be pretty and handsome. Every single one of us love to be praised. It sets a good and positive feelings inside all of us. These days, living in a society is not easy. We are all influenced by social media, set quite high standards and start to be hard to ourselves. I don’t mind we try our best to have a good physical appearance to look more confident, but instead of changing every aspects on your appearance, why don’t all of us start to know ourselves and love every single aspects in ourselves?

Rather than physical appearance, what matters more is being able to show that we are indeed pretty and handsome by heart. It might need progress and time to wake people that you are a good person, but it’s all worth it. People will stay if we truly have a golden heart. It is more important and memorable to have a good life and laugh than trying too hard and too keep looking beautiful and handsome right? Every single human being has hardships they need to solve to keep on moving forward in life. Having a nice physical appearance doesn’t mean you will experience less hardships than the others. So, rather than worrying too much on physical appearance, isn’t it better to use your time wisely to overcome those hardships with the best solutions you can get?

Author : Celine

9 thoughts on “Physical Appearance Is Not Everything.

  1. It’s gone past the point of wanting to look nice for a dinner date or doing your makeup because you’re going out, it seems you get judged for what you don’t do, e.g. not self tanning and embracing the pale or not having the perfect brows. The whole point of beauty is that people are individuals and there’s no one formula that is more beautiful than others. So many people and characteristics are beautiful but sometimes it can seem like if you don’t fit the mould you’re not good enough. If people want to be your friend or date you because you look like a model that makes them shallow and you deserve better!

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  2. The focus on physical appearance also depends on the culture of the place you live. I’m from Southern California and thought it was completely normal to obsess over tanning, low-calorie snacks, exercising, staying thin, etc. I moved to Chicago and the great majority of people I know find this mindset incredibly strange, which is liberating; there’s still some focus on it, but not nearly to the extent that I dealt with.

    It’s much healthier and more fulfilling to focus on values rather than appearance. Great post!

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