A Date With A Book

Dating with a book is an activity every readers would love to try at least once in their life. Carrying books anywhere and anytime leave some sort of pride for readers. Just by simply passing a small local book stall can even brought readers to joy. Some people might say it must be boring for always having to read books in the exact same place or buildings. Rather than boring, readers usually feel so comfortable having able to read at the same spot as usual. Reading books is a common activities but what about dating with a book of your selection? Have you tried one of the many ways in dating with a book? Let’s check out below.

1.Going to Local Bookstore.

Basically this is heaven. You will meet lots of people who love books. Sometimes you’ll find out they’re searching for the same book genre as you or they’re finding for the last piece of the books that has just fall under your grasp. Every bookstores have different facilities. Some bookstore will provide you a chair or two to sit, some of the bookstore will not prepare for any seat but you are free to read as you enjoy your time there. You may try to visit your local bookstore, find a seat or just searching for a proper place to read. Going to local bookstore means you are free to choose whatever books your wish to read and you may choose the other books if you don’t feel like continuing the reading. Besides,you are free to stay as long as you wished and no one will complain.

2.Cafe Date

If you are looking for a proper location to read with some comfortable and relaxing moments, why don’t you try going to cafe? You may choose any cafe according to your preferences but I would like to suggest to go to cafe that are quite spacious and offer relaxing surroundings. I don’t know about you but I find it a little distracting if the cafe is quite packed and full of noise. After you decide on which cafe would you like to go,you may choose a seat near the window or the seat secluded from the others. So it will really seems like a date. You are free to order a cup of coffee or tea and you can spend hours dating with your book.

3.Visiting Literary Building

This literary building might not be available in every region but if you do plan on going, why don’t you bring along a book of your choice and when you are actually arriving you may try to find a vacant place to sit and enjoy your book if you have the time. You might also want to snap some pictures as memorial and as a prove that you have travelled along literary building with your book. What a date!


If you are trying to find a super quiet place then you might try to read at library. Library provides lots of books ready to be read. You may choose and read the books on the spot directly or you may borrowed it home for some days. Depends on what library you are going, sometimes taking book inside to the library is banned but some other libraries allowed you to bring your own book preference and you may enjoy reading it in library.

Have you tried one of those ways in spending your whole day with books?

Author : Celine

16 thoughts on “A Date With A Book

    1. I know right! The library that I mention here is kind like a small library that located inside a school of mine. The librarians will literally check everything and ask you to leave your belongings in the drawer. You are permit to take papers and pencil case but no books are allowed.


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