Hey loves!

Here’s the girl who loves simplicity at its best. My name is Celine and I grow up in Indonesia with endless love and support from my adorable family. As you can guess from the blog, I adore books. Reading stories are my sanctuary. My habit? Reading in the middle of the night before going to bed.

As a regrettable fact, romance genre are rarely compatible with me. You can imagine how many romance books that I have read with your fingers. Instead, I love to cheer myself reading mystery, murder, thriller, crime and suspense. Those genres are my ultimate favourite! Classic, science fiction and fantasy are just another perfect adventure to read!

I prefer tea to coffee, had a fairly good laugh with the people I love, spent my nights by reading, paint by the weekends sometimes (which is super rare these days) and I love eating.

I have created this blog on September 2017 and posted nothing until I decided to actively start writing on 21st March 2018. By creating this blog, I would love to share my deep admiration for books to all of the readers. I really hope you enjoy your stay.