Endearing Classic Recommendation

Do your read classic? I love classic. I read numerous classic and I can't help but to love them all. Their story are original and It's totally worth the time. My motto: you should read classic at least once in your life. Kidding. But seriously, you should read classic. I know I'm sprouting nonsense, but … Continue reading Endearing Classic Recommendation


Which Bookish Squad Are You?

Scattered readers and variety of preference. It's hard to find readers with the same liking to one another. Even matching the perfect genre to decide which book to pick takes forever. Some love to touch physical book when reading, while some others doesn't care what does it looks like as long as the story is … Continue reading Which Bookish Squad Are You?

Favourite Book Quotes Tag

Hey guys, and welcome to my first original book tag ever! I have seen many post on favourite book quotes floating around but I haven't found anything regarding bookish quotes tags. It's similar but I think it is easier to connect bloggers around the globe this way and hopefully more fun! Rules: 1. Mention the … Continue reading Favourite Book Quotes Tag

Which ‘Reader Type’ Suite You The Most?

Everyone know readers adore books. What could be better than unlimited brand new books to readers? Except, readers don't always share the same interest in books genre. Every readers have their own decision and preference to make. When some readers are loving their reads, some might probably get it over fast and prefer to read … Continue reading Which ‘Reader Type’ Suite You The Most?

The Out Of My Comfort Zone Book Tag

Hey loves! Guess what? I am going to participate in this fun 'The Out Of My Comfort Zone Book Tag'! Truthfully, I was tagged by the sweet Shaz. Thank you for the tag love! This tag is originally created by emmabooks on YouTube. You should check their sites because they are amazing. You'll love them! … Continue reading The Out Of My Comfort Zone Book Tag