A Day With A Book

Have you ever imagine what will it be like having a day with your book? I've written something similar to this before, you could check out A Date With A Book which is a pretty short article since I started writing it pretty early in my blogging career and I thought my writing was kinda … Continue reading A Day With A Book

How To Overcome Reading Slumps.

Reading slumps is just another nightmare to readers. Reading slumps can hold on to days, weeks, months or worst, years. I remember having my latest reading slumps for about a month or two. It just like suddenly I don't have any interest to read and I even feel bored with the sight of books. I … Continue reading How To Overcome Reading Slumps.

7 Personalized Bookish Gift For Readers

Finding a perfect gift for your beloved might be difficult. I don't know about you but hunting gift is a big challenge for me. I can walk for hours or spend days for nothing in the end. I believed it's even harder to find something perfect for your precious who love to read that much. … Continue reading 7 Personalized Bookish Gift For Readers