This or That Book Tag

Another book tag! YAY! This time, I was tagged by the amazing Sofi! Believe me, she’s so sweet and her blog is just lovely! Kindly check out her blog because you WON’T EVER regret about it!

And so,

Here we go!


«Read on the bed or the couch?»

OH PLEASE. Definitely the bed! But truthfully, I could read in like anywhere and everywhere, as long as no one is trying to distract me away from my books. But still, reading on the bed is like the best thing ever. You know, with blankets and fluffy pillows. Bliss.


«Read at night or in the morning?»

At night! Because I barely have time for myself in the morning and I think I could concentrate better reading at night. The atmosphere is just good and calm.


«Male main character or female main character?»

Oh trust me. I love both! But having to choose, hmm, I think I would be more into female character? I love to read badass female lead!


«First person POV or third person POV?»

Legit first person POV. I think it’s easier to read lol. But honestly, I really do not mind too much about it. As long as the writing and the story is good, I would read the book happily.


«Trilogies or quartets?»

Okay. I have some explaining to do here.

I used to be a standalone reader and I avoid series at all cost. But as I grow up and widen my reading scope, I am literally hooked on series and I even have favourite series now! *and guys, that’s a lot.*

But the more I read, I figure out I’m not the type of reader to linger on one similar stories over and over again. Meaning, I’m fine with series but I’m not fine with a super duper long series.

Trilogy is big enough for me, so I think I’m gonna passed quartets *since I haven’t found my favourite quartets yet*


«Libraries or bookstore?»

Depends! I love both libraries and bookstores but I would choose my favourite place based on the books available inside. Oh! and to feel comfy with the place is the most important thing for me.


«Books that make you laugh or cry?»

BOTH. I CAN’T CHOOSE. I love a good laugh but I also love a good cry reading a book. So I guess depends on my mood to choose a humour read or a melanchony read.


«Black book covers or white book covers?»

Um. Since I have a ton of black book covers, I’m gonna go with white lol. I think my bookshelf needs colour variation.


«Character-driven or plot-driven?»

Tough choice. LOL. Honestly, I don’t know. I think both aspects are really important for a good book. I could not enjoy the book fully if the book is missing one of those two points.


Okay. Since I’ve just been doing tag recently, I do not want to troubled or burdened all of you by tagging directly at bloggers. Therefore, I made this: anonymous tag!

Anyone is free to do this tag! Be sure to let me know if you decided to do this tag because I’m so curious with how you’ll react with the questions!

9 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag

  1. Ah very interesting answers! I’m afraid I’m still a fan of standalones. I’m not against series but I don’t read enough books to really keep up with any series. I want to read all the novels in the Angela Marsons series and I know a few others on my list but they’ll all have to wait until I have a lot of time on my hands.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading your answers! The bed is the best place to read, I agree! I’m a night reader, too. There’s just something so peaceful about that time when it’s dark and quiet. I don’t have a preference between trilogies or quartets, but I’ve noticed that some of my favourite trilogies have turned into quartets and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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