This or That Book Tag

Another book tag! YAY! This time, I was tagged by the amazing Sofi! Believe me, she's so sweet and her blog is just lovely! Kindly check out her blog because you WON'T EVER regret about it! And so, Here we go! ℘℘℘℘℘ «Read on the bed or the couch?» OH PLEASE. Definitely the bed! But … Continue reading This or That Book Tag

The Behind the Book Blogger Book Tag

Hey there! It has been such a loooooong time since I last joined a book tag and it has been a long time since I last posted something fun in the blog! *please bear my book reviews*  Therefore, I am sooo happy to be tagged by the amazing The Orangutan Librarian! Great content, great personality. … Continue reading The Behind the Book Blogger Book Tag

Favourite Book Quotes Tag

Hey guys, and welcome to my first original book tag ever! I have seen many post on favourite book quotes floating around but I haven't found anything regarding bookish quotes tags. It's similar but I think it is easier to connect bloggers around the globe this way and hopefully more fun! Rules: 1. Mention the … Continue reading Favourite Book Quotes Tag

The Out Of My Comfort Zone Book Tag

Hey loves! Guess what? I am going to participate in this fun 'The Out Of My Comfort Zone Book Tag'! Truthfully, I was tagged by the sweet Shaz. Thank you for the tag love! This tag is originally created by emmabooks on YouTube. You should check their sites because they are amazing. You'll love them! … Continue reading The Out Of My Comfort Zone Book Tag