Life is Like A Book

“Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some are happy and some are exciting, but if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you.”

How much I appreciate this quotes.

There comes a time when I sit doing nothing, wondering about my past and future at the same time. Wondering the bad and the good all the same, I can’t stop thinking of how similar our life is with a book.

To this day, I couldn’t even fathom myself how much chapters I have gone through to be able to progress to the current me now. True to the quotes, I have gone through bad chapters, sad chapters, emotional moments. But despite all, I have also gone through memorable memories. Happy and lovely chapters.

I would’t ever trade my own chapter of my life with anything else. Indeed, there are times I struggle and there are times I wish for the future to be easy, but re-thinking it, it’s what life is all about right? Keep on going and venturing ahead to the unknown and laugh in the face of life saying “Hey! I got this!”

As my age grows, It’s scary to even think about the future. To think about the endless circle of struggling for a better life. But despite it all, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering and expecting. What will my life be in the next five years? Where will I stood? Will everything finally be okay somehow?

One thing I know for sure is, I am the protagonist of my own story. Of hundred of books that I have read, even protagonists did not have permanent glorious moment. There are always struggles, moment of doubt. But between it all, there’s always hope and moments to be reminisce. Little things that made this life and all the struggles worth it.

The only difference between my chapters with the rest of fictional protagonists chapters is I could skip pages and even chapters to read and to take notice what will happened in the future. I could skip boring parts, I could skip unfavourable chapters to get on with the books.

But I could not skip my own chapters.

There are moments I want a chapter to stay this way forever. To remain unchanged and unfazed. But there are also moments I crave for changes. For a better chapter to undesirable chapter I am going through.

Alas, like it or not, there’s no other way than to flip the next page and move on with my story. Into the unkown chapters full of surprises to come. So much could changed in a page. So much could changed in a day.

4 thoughts on “Life is Like A Book

  1. Well said, Celine! Lately I’m trying to read ‘happier’ books and write more hopeful stories. The writing is less successful, since that sometime comes from a dark place on my head. When trouble threatens I’ll try to hide away in a book.

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