My Enid Blyton Reading Journey!


I have loved reading since I was a child. I read children magazines weekly, story books, and everything I could get my hands on. I even read a hundred pages of short fabled stories when I was a kid! 

But books that really piqued up my interest in reading heavy novels and shaped my early dedication to mystery genre is this author! 

℘ Enid Blyton ℘

I learned of this author when I was still in primary, from my book lovers aunties! They said Enid Blyton has crafted such a special meaning to their childhood and they recommended her books to me at once when I said I wanted to try start reading heavy novels.

And boy it was amazing! 

I read many of her works and all of them are legit legend! It is very easy to read and I love how the writing is so subtle and soft despite the mysterious ambiance this book crafted. And oh my god, how much I love the character building and deep friendship this book offer. 

Well, I’m not gonna lie, I have obviously forgotten the stories for each books but wow the nostalgic feelings linger! I tried reading a series as a teenager and I am still hooked by how good the writing is! and yes, how adorable the characters are!

Here are some series I have read through out my childhood:

1. Five Find-Outers

Consist of:

  • The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage
  • The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat
  • The Mystery of the Secret Room
  • The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters
  • The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
  • The Mystery of the Hidden House
  • The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat
  • The Mystery of the Invisible Thief
  • The Mystery of the Vanished Prince
  • The Mystery of the Strange Bundle
  • The Mystery of Holly Lane
  • The Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage
  • The Mystery of the Missing Man
  • The Mystery of the Strange Messages
  • The Mystery of Banshee Towers

My first series ever!

The Mystery of Burnt Cottage was my first book of Enid Blyton. But after a week, I couldn’t even finish the book because this is my first ever heavy novels as a kid. But I kept on reading and jump through the ending and WOW. How I was impressed by the mystery and the ending! The tricks, the detectives, the resolves are all so cleverly written! I also love each and every characters from this series! Smart, lovable, mischievous and endearing!

The rest are history.

Many chose The Famous Five as favourite but I specifically chose Five-Find Outers as my favourite series of all Enid Blyton’s works.

2. Malory Towers

Consist Of:

  • First Term at Malory Towers
  • Second Form at Malory Towers
  • Third Year at Malory Towers
  • Upper Fourth at Malory Towers
  • In the Fifth at Malory Towers
  • Last Term at Malory Towers
  • New Term
  • Summer Term
  • Winter Term
  • Fun and Games
  • Secrets
  • Goodbye

It was such a pleasure to read this boarding school series! I couldn’t remember much about this series, but I remember loving the series and binge-reading. Despite being only in school ground, this series is still fun to read and of course, super adventurous!

3. St. Clare

Consist Of:

  • The Twins at St. Clare’s
  • The O’Sullivan Twins 
  • Summer Term at St. Clare’s 
  • The Second Form at St. Clare’s 
  • The Third Form at St. Clare’s 
  • Kitty at St. Clare’s 
  • Claudine at St.Clare’s 
  • Fifth Formers of St. Clare’s 
  • The Sixth Form at St. Clare’s 

St Clare has quite a similar resemblance with Malory Towers, which based in boarding school. But no worries, despite the resemblance, they have different adventures to begin with!

4. The Naughtiest Girl

Consist Of:

  • The Naughtiest Girl in the School
  • The Naughtiest Girl Again
  • The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor
  • Here’s the Naughtiest Girl!

One of the most unforgettable books of Enid Blyton! I only read two books from this series though~

5. The Famous Five

Consist Of:

  • Five on a Treasure Island
  • Five Go Adventuring Again
  • Five Run Away Together
  • Five Go to Smuggler’s Top
  • Five Go Off in a Caravan
  • Five on Kirrin Island Again
  • Five Go Off to Camp
  • Five Get into Trouble
  • Five Fall into Adventure
  • Five on a Hike Together
  • Five Have a Wonderful Time
  • Five Go Down to the Sea
  • Five Go to Mystery Moor
  • Five Have Plenty of Fun
  • Five on a Secret Trail
  • Five Go to Billycock Hill
  • Five Get into a Fix
  • Five on Finniston Farm
  • Five Go to Demon’s Rocks
  • Five Have a Mystery to Solve
  • Five Are Together Again

This series is legit everyone’s most favourite from Enid Blyton! A little confession, out of these many books, I have just read one of them (♡ ´艸` )

Maybe that’s why I prefer Five-Find Outers than this series. If you are interested in Enid Blyton’s work, you might as well start from this series! This series always collect postivie reviews from readers around the globe!

 6. The Secret Seven

Consist Of:

  • The Secret Seven
  • Secret Seven Adventure
  • Well Done Secret Seven
  • Secret Seven on the Trail
  • Go Ahead Secret Seven
  • Good Work Secret Seven
  • Secret Seven Win Through
  • Three Cheers Secret Seven
  • Secret Seven Mystery
  • Puzzle for the Secret Seven
  • Secret Seven Fireworks
  • Good Old Secret Seven
  • Shock for the Secret Seven
  • Look Out Secret Seven
  • Fun for the Secret Seven
  • Mystery of the Skull
  • Mystery of the Theatre Ghost

This are the series I read when I was a teenager back then! I do not read all of the books but my non-reader sister did! Enid Blyton is indeed amazing.


For those who are looking for a suitable books for children around 9 to 14, I highly recommend Enid Blyton’s series. It may seem much, but once you read, you will not think of how thick the books are anymore and you’ll keep on re-visiting the book for the adorable characters and the good story line!

Even teenagers and adults are very much welcome to read Enid Blyton’s series. Sometimes, my aunties might go on re-reading a book from Enid Blyton when they have time and when they feel like it. Even I would love to re-read Five-Find Outers someday!

I have read many books but Enid Blyton is my first ever favourite author that introduced me to the world of adventure and mystery. As well as learning to love reading thicker novels as a kid. As I grow up, I have stopped reading Enid Blyton’s works but my deep admiration and love for her works linger.

Now whenever I come across her works, I feel nostalgic and thankful for her great books. I hope Enid Blyton’s books will still be known by many generations to come, forever and always.

Author: Celine

2 thoughts on “My Enid Blyton Reading Journey!

  1. Oh dear, Celine, I have to tell you that I never really got on with her books! But I have a writer friend who might have never got into reading, much less writing but for Enid Blyton’s books.

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