Books Non-Readers Expect Me To Read (But in Fact I Haven’t..)

The reason I started this blog, is to brag about amazing stories I read since I have little to none - friends who loves to read as much as I do. Meaning, I do not have much chance to talk about the story and that triggers me to talk about it in a platform. As … Continue reading Books Non-Readers Expect Me To Read (But in Fact I Haven’t..)

5 Situations Every Book Lovers Can Relate

As the saying goes, ”So many books, so little times“ or in my case, I should say “so many pages, I would love to finish them all by today.“  However, things seldom go smoothly as planned since you know, yadi yadi da we still have to deal with life and so on. Busy reading doesn‘t … Continue reading 5 Situations Every Book Lovers Can Relate

Hey Readers, Is This You?

Reading is best when you are literally alone. Absorbing the stories with no distraction at all. Peaceful mind, peaceful reads. Until, realization hits and I kind of notice there are things that eventually becomes my habit which I believe, happen to some readers out there too. So, let's see if we match? 1. Making Weird … Continue reading Hey Readers, Is This You?

How Do You React When a Book….

Books, books and books! How do you react when you find across a book you have long wished for, suddenly there in front of your eyes, ready to be brought home? Totally bulgy eyes, amazed, excessive and weird shrieking voices coming out from your throat. I understand. I do it too occasionally. To make this … Continue reading How Do You React When a Book….

Which Bookish Squad Are You?

Scattered readers and variety of preference. It's hard to find readers with the same liking to one another. Even matching the perfect genre to decide which book to pick takes forever. Some love to touch physical book when reading, while some others doesn't care what does it looks like as long as the story is … Continue reading Which Bookish Squad Are You?

Which ‘Reader Type’ Suite You The Most?

Everyone know readers adore books. What could be better than unlimited brand new books to readers? Except, readers don't always share the same interest in books genre. Every readers have their own decision and preference to make. When some readers are loving their reads, some might probably get it over fast and prefer to read … Continue reading Which ‘Reader Type’ Suite You The Most?

5 Readers Worst Nightmare

Books are always within readers realm of studies. Nothing goes wrong by being a reader. However, there might be some conditions and situations that will most likely annoys readers. I personally thought that these conditions below are unbearable. 1. Sold Out Books. There goes my reactions when I found out the books I dreamt off … Continue reading 5 Readers Worst Nightmare