Which ‘Reader Type’ Suite You The Most?

Everyone know readers adore books. What could be better than unlimited brand new books to readers? Except, readers don't always share the same interest in books genre. Every readers have their own decision and preference to make. When some readers are loving their reads, some might probably get it over fast and prefer to read … Continue reading Which ‘Reader Type’ Suite You The Most?


5 Readers Worst Nightmare

Books are always within readers realm of studies. Nothing goes wrong by being a reader. However, there might be some conditions and situations that will most likely annoys readers. I personally thought that these conditions below are unbearable.   1. Sold Out Books. There goes my reactions when I found out the books I dreamt … Continue reading 5 Readers Worst Nightmare

How To Overcome Reading Slumps.

Reading slumps is just another nightmare to readers. Reading slumps can hold on to days, weeks, months or worst, years. I remember having my latest reading slumps for about a month or two. It just like suddenly I don't have any interest to read and I even feel bored with the sight of books. I … Continue reading How To Overcome Reading Slumps.

Fun Reading For Beginners.

What do you have in mind when people say 'reading?' The never ending long text with no pictures in it and some words that we might not even understand. If you would like to try, you will found out that reading is actually a fun hobby to do. Besides, you get to add your knowledge … Continue reading Fun Reading For Beginners.

6 Readers’ Dream That You Should Know.

Hobbies are such a wonderful gift to human beings. Each and every one of us got to acquire passion we love to do the most in our life even though we don't have such a mastery skills in those field. Having hobbies sure do waste your time and sometimes your spending, but in the end … Continue reading 6 Readers’ Dream That You Should Know.

Book Collections As Much As Bookstore

Books are an absolute gift for readers. Readers love to collect books to decorate the shelf and of course to spend their time on wonderful adventures inside a book. The more books readers have, the joyful readers may be! Having a stack of books as to-be-read  list is every readers excitement. The feeling before starting reading new … Continue reading Book Collections As Much As Bookstore

What Makes Children’s Books Fun To Read

There are unlimited number of children's books published in the world. All of those books contain different yet valuable knowledge either for kids or adults. Aside from adding knowledge, children's books are always fun to read. No matter how old we aged, children's books never failed to absorb us into the story to blend us … Continue reading What Makes Children’s Books Fun To Read