Thriller You Don’t Wanna Miss!

I am super excited to write this post! I always brag around how much I love thriller but I noticed I haven't really made a post to recommend the books to all of you! Let me introduced you guys to the books that accompanied me all night long! Of course, in no particular order♥ The … Continue reading Thriller You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Fiction to Read in Your Free Time

Everyone knows there are a lot of good and popular fiction out there. I mean, like seriously a lot. However, I am not listing everything down on this post. There are just too many remarkable fiction books to be listed down here. In exchange, I'm going to list down books that can swell up your … Continue reading Fiction to Read in Your Free Time

Endearing Classic Recommendation

Do your read classic? I love classic. I read numerous classic and I can't help but to love them all. Their story are original and It's totally worth the time. My motto: you should read classic at least once in your life. Kidding. But seriously, you should read classic. I know I'm sprouting nonsense, but … Continue reading Endearing Classic Recommendation