Hey There!

Hey there! It's been so long since I last updated how was I doing, so I thought, why not write about one? Besides, I miss writing and I miss this community a lot. For the start and the truth, I have quite a lot on my mind lately. I still have my office jobs, read … Continue reading Hey There!

Mini Life Updates

Hey guys! This "life updates" idea pops up yesterday when I busied ponder over my life LOL There are just so many things I want to share with you and moreover, it's my first ever life updates ever *yay* And without thinking too much, I just decided to go for it. First off, instead of … Continue reading Mini Life Updates

Should We Only Read Educational or Self-Improvement Books?

Most people who know me, be it strangers I just met, new meet friends or even life long friends who have learned that I love to read, will stay in the bookish topic for a while with conversation that goes like this: •First scenario→ Them: "Oh! So you love to read! I love to read … Continue reading Should We Only Read Educational or Self-Improvement Books?

Stay Home Activities To Do When You Are Bored

Staying home must be a divine bliss for those who was out 24/7 that barely leaves any time for oneself. However, days after days and finally, when weeks after weeks strikes, sometimes might made one's feel bored for staying too long in the safe and warm shelter. Still, Home Sweet Home and there are many … Continue reading Stay Home Activities To Do When You Are Bored

Being Grateful.

Being Grateful. This is probably very late but as people always said, new year, new resolutions. There are a lot of unforgettable moments happening in life. Some might be memorable and sweet, some might be unpleasant to even think about it. Having to grow up and by chance, meeting lots of different personalities across my … Continue reading Being Grateful.

The Insecurities of Growing in Life

The Insecurities of Growing in Life We are all growing physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when do we grow. It just that every time we flash our memories to look back, we know that we are changing, evolving, growing and developing, hopefully to be better. Sometimes I feel brave for … Continue reading The Insecurities of Growing in Life

Physical Appearance Is Not Everything.

Physical Appearance Is Not Everything. I wonder when did physical appearance start to be an important aspect to society. Physical appearance sure can be our plus point to flaunt our charm. Ironically, these days society has been so obsessed with physical appearance. We don't even know when did those symptoms start to spread. It just … Continue reading Physical Appearance Is Not Everything.

Believe In Yourself A Little More

Believe In Yourself A Little More As we live, problems will keep on appearing. It is impossible to live without problems because we live to solve those problems and we are forged to be the person we are today by learning from our past experiences in solving the problems we faced. It can be the … Continue reading Believe In Yourself A Little More

Love Yourself

Love Yourself. This term has been so popular these past few years and I can't agree more on this. We are so used of accepting people's perceptions and unconsciously change our worth for the sake of being accepted by the others. We are afraid of the judgements and whispering that will come and we end … Continue reading Love Yourself