Hey There!

Hey there!

It’s been so long since I last updated how was I doing, so I thought, why not write about one? Besides, I miss writing and I miss this community a lot.

For the start and the truth, I have quite a lot on my mind lately. I still have my office jobs, read books in my free time and paint once in a while. What different, is I’m going to move jobs in this near time *Hooray*

Randomly placing Winnie The Pooh in the frame just because I love him.


I have long looking for a new job. Too long that I felt drained and nauseous whenever I arrived on the spot. After endless venturing, I finally got a new offer that I think will enhance me not only in a professional way, but also in a private way on how to grow myself. After much consideration, I took the offer.

A note for myself: I hope you found what you looking for in your new space. Cheers to happiness and fulfillness.

So, about reading.

I think I have the biggest slumps I’ve ever had in my entire life.

It’s not like I stop reading, but it’s more like on and off kind of phase? Unlike the old me, who can sit around past midnight just to read and connect with my favourite troupes, I couldn’t read that much like I used to.

Perhaps, because of my exhausted phase? and I fell that hard on my eyes. But no worries, I’m trying to fix this. I set goals on myself and I hope I could read more in this near time and get over with my slumps.

When the slumps hit, I waste my time listening to music, read some news and watch some TV-Series. I am definitely hooked on CSI series. It’s definitely my new support system. And a fun fact, I know I’m like super late, but I’m also definitely hooked on Michael Jackson.

His music, personality, traits and all his good deeds are just heart-warming. And please don’t start on his live performances. SLAYYY. All hail the King of Pop.

By the way, how have you guys been coping up with lately? I miss writing and I miss this community like A LOT. New reviews are coming up, so I hope I’ll catch up to you guys soon!

Author: Celine

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