I Read And I #Oops!

Here’s the thing about reading. It’s fun to know all these wonderful stories and experience the adventures we probably would never have in our life. But aside reading, there are things that made reading quite humorous and at the same time, annoying (─‿‿─) Ever had any fun back-staged stories when you read? I can convinced you this #Oops moment happened to me in the most unpredictable ways that I can’t help to share them.

℘ Munching Biscuits And Guess What?

Reading and munching biscuits at the same time. A perfect combination and yet. Imagine sitting on a couch, one hand holding the book while the other holding the biscuits you’re munching. So self-absorbed in your books until the page-flipping moment that you noticed the crumbs are getting in the book partition.

It was bizzare in the most bizzare way (I’m not even sure if that is a sentence) like I don’t even understand how it got there and I spent quite a time to clean the messed up. You know, digging up what’s left in there because some got pushed down even further when I got some out. Just total nightmare.

℘ When I Hold The Book Securely With Both Hands

On either side of the book, left and right with such a force. Guess it as your heart desire while I tell my story. You do know how we all forget everything else when the story get to the fun part? It’s like you forget everything else in the room and what matters right now is your favourite character, the circumstances they’re in and the books you are holding to keep flipping the page. Except, I was holding the book with such a force that I almost TORE THE BOOK APART.  

Imagine the horror if that really happens.

℘ Or When You Missed The Page

It’s one of the most horrible thing that could happen. Imagine yourself enjoying your day, slouching on a couch or a bed reading when you accidentally slammed the book shut. What’s worse, is when you don’t have the freaking idea what page you’re on. And now, you are flipping the pages, reading lines, finding the perfect page and making sure to avoid spoilers at all cost!

Oh My God. The frustration and the struggle is so damn real.

℘ Also, E- Books Issues

When I thought that E-Books might all be safer to deal with. How freaking wrong was I. For me, reading with electronic devices means “Oh Hey. I’m lying on my bed mostly and enjoying my date with book!” And it was absolutely fun until the device slipped from my hand and almost slammed downright into my face. Hilariously funny and down right annoying.


Thinking it back and writing this post, it’s kind of funny experience to have this #Oops reading moments LOL But I hope it does not happened too frequently because dude! I need to sustain the feels when I read. You know, readers and characters bonding moments (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ


I’m dead curious does this thing happened to the others too? Or perhaps there might be another #Oops moment I have yet found out about? Still, I hope this small post will brighten up your day!

Author: Celine

2 thoughts on “I Read And I #Oops!

  1. The biscuit thing? Definitely. Dropping an ebook – yep, but that happened to my mom. She almost got a black eye from the experience. Who’d have thought the gentle pastime of reading could be so hazardous? 😂

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