Everything About Binge-Reading Series

I wouldn’t dare to flash back my life to a time when I did not approve series, avoid literally everything about book series and stick to stand alone book.

I mean, holly molly! Series are amazing! 

IF you read a good one.

Because reading bad series feels like torture.


But either way, I love to binge-reading series. I feel like I could connect more to the characters and this way, I’m not terrified to start reading the sequel, risking of forgetting the story I’ve read years before. Although it’s a pain to wait for the finished publication where huge community are obsessed with the new book and I have to wait for years to join the club ಥ_ಥ

Anyway. Here are my reasons why I love binge-reading series and encourage readers to try it sometime!

1. Remember the details

So many things could happened in a book. The only problem is, I tend to forget some details once I finished reading. Heck, I even forgot what I am doing in the last 10 minutes. And you told me to wait another year for sequels?! I think I am cursed with short term memory lost ಥ_ಥ Due to this very reason, I started to binge-reading series one book after another to give myself a full experience for joining in the adventure. So far, so good.

2. Imagine binge-reading a series you love.

I will spend my days, neglect all my responsibilities just to finish the masterpiece. Who cares about work anyway? Kidding. I could throw away my responsibilities but I need a job to support myself buying all the good series out there (T▽T) *the tragic cycle of readers*

3. On the good side, say “Bye-Bye” Cliff-hanger!

Because I do not have to wait for a year to read the destiny of my favourite character, dying from the cruelty of author’s fingertips. I think that’s a big plus point.

4. The decisions are immediate.

You could love the first book but you could hate the sequel. I have ever felt this way before and the disappointment are massive. By binge-reading series, I do not have to wait for years to decide if this series is going good or bad. I could love what I have already love, keep them deep in my heart and branding the series immediately, whether it’s good or nah, by judging the sequels.

5. Another plus point, I could write a complete review of it!

It’s rare for reviewers to write a full coverage of a series. Not being haughty or self-appraisal, but I’m fairly proud with myself for writing series review the way I am now. I hope I could get better with writing a non-spoiler and yet full coverage of series review!


Binge-reading a series is no big trouble. However, the impact come afterwards

1. Imagine the book so good that you lost all directions of your life.

Literally, you don’t have any idea what to do with your life after reading such a good series. You know, with characters to swoon, making you cry your eyeballs out because nobody are as perfect and as flawed as your characters ever existed in reality. I know, what a sad life.

2. Leading to series hangover

It’s cool and uncool at the same time. Because there’s a part of me still reeling over the feelings of how good the series are and I’m so not ready to part ways with all the great characters. But in the other hand, I desperately wished to read another series, wanting to love another characters worthy to be love.


3. Or Imagine finishing a series, so boring it took you weeks to finish.

Or perhaps, weeks for you to finally decide to DNF the book. I have gone though this stage and it’s not pretty. I literally do not know what to do with my life (in a bad way) and I tend to avoid series and I have been extra sensitive to choose my next stand-alone.

4. Which may results in nightmare.

Reading-slump! Ugh, Just hearing the name of it is damning. Books piling up, no review to write, no updates on bookish account, whichever books I read doesn’t feel right. What a total nightmare.

But for me, it’s fun to binge-reading series. Even though I have to spend a lot to buy a whole heaps of books ಥ_ಥ but yep. Taking the positive, I have numerous collection of pretty covers in my book shelf, heaps of characters to be added in my sweetheart list and wonderful stories to made my day. Which is, pretty awesome. 

Author: Celine

4 thoughts on “Everything About Binge-Reading Series

  1. I agree that reading a series straight through can be amazing! I’ve done this with several series, and I love the sense of continuity and feeling like I’m just reading one really involved story. (On the negative side, even if I love a series, at some point I can start feeling numb if I’ve read too many books in a row without breaking for something else). Fun post!

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