Book Review : The Seven Husband of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jerkins Reid

I knew this book from the super duper informational bookstagram community.

How hype this book is!

Like whenever and whatever page I went through, majority are talking and praising this book endlessly! Well of course, it spiked my interest!

Genre : Historical Fiction, Romance, LGBT
Page : 391 pages
Published : 13th June 2017

Aging and reclusive Hollywood movie icon Evelyn Hugo is finally ready to tell the truth about her glamorous and scandalous life.

When she chooses unknown magazine reporter Monique Grant for the job, no one in the journalism community is more astounded than Monique herself. Why her? Why now? Monique is not exactly on top of the world. Her husband, David, has left her, and her career has stagnated. Regardless of why Evelyn has chosen her to write her biography, Monique is determined to use this opportunity to jumpstart her career.

Summoned to Evelyn’s Upper East Side apartment, Monique listens as Evelyn unfurls her story: from making her way to Los Angeles in the 1950s to her decision to leave show business in the late 80s, and, of course, the seven husbands along the way. As Evelyn’s life unfolds—revealing a ruthless ambition, an unexpected friendship, and a great forbidden love—Monique begins to feel a very a real connection to the actress. But as Evelyn’s story catches up with the present, it becomes clear that her life intersects with Monique’s own in tragic and irreversible ways. 

“People think that intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is ‘you’re safe with me’- that’s intimacy.”

Honestly, this book is waaaay out of what I think it would be.

I assume this book is all about– you know, my favourite genre, thriller

Looks like I assume the wrong book because of how similar it is with the other title I’m setting my eyes on #OOPS. But look at those cover! Before reading, I thought this book fit so well with mystery! *You can’t blame me for not reading hype books blurb* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo— The journey of fictional character Evelyn Hugo of how she rose to fame and how she discovered her true self.

Even though this book is not what I thought it will be, I was instantly captured by how realistic this book is. And there’s something about this writing that kept me reading all night.

I love how this book managed to put each of the characters on spotlight, without snatching away Evelyn’s stardom and highlight. I think that’s amazing. 

There are so many things to talk and to disuss about this book. But most of all, in this book, readers will get to read a mini sneak peak to what Hollywood or perhaps, entertainment world looks like. Despite the glamour, It’s daring, risky, and dangerous. 

And those emotions are implied and so realistically written for this one whole amazing story.

The story begins as Evelyn Hugo specifically requested Monique Grant– an unknown magazine reporter for a scheduled interviewed. No one knows why. Not even Monique. And knowing Evelyn, she is not going to spill the beans that fast. But for sure, it’s a big cover up for the magazine.

Guess what? Evelyn Hugo is ready to tell the world about her scandalous life with her seven husbands!

If I’m the reporter, I’m going to pass out right then and there for hyperventilating.


Turns out, Evelyn Hugo is not who the world think she is. Beside her glamorous life, there are sacrifices to be made. This book slowly unveils Evelyn’s dark past and guide us through her life chapters by chapters whilst Monique, puzzled and yet curious, sit through countless evening listening to Evelyns’ confessions.

What made me curious, the first time I began reading, is why Evelyn even bother to requested Monique presence at all. I kept waiting for the revelations and because of this, I thought this book was mystery-based book! But no worries, I do not feel dissapointed at all because it was all soon forgotten because just like Monique, I was easily lost in Evelyn’s life story.

The life journey itself was very impactful, both in making me concerned and strongly voted for Evelyn’s stardom. I love how the book is so amazingly written as to keep me reading whenever I have the time to do so. It feels like reading a biography, but instead of being monotone and flat, I think this book does a pretty good job in adding spices and drama to made this book colourful.

For instance, as clear as day, Evelyn’ Hugo seven husbands. I love how detailed this book list out each and every husbands of Evelyn, their character building, the story behind their marriage and all. But here is one question everyone might be eager to know the answer. 

Who is Evelyn’s dearest love of all?

And the story behind it was just interesting to read. However, as much as I love this book, with all the broken and ambitious characters, I am not too fond of Evelyn’s love interest. I appreciate their relationship and I highly supported their relationship, but I find her love interest’s personality to be slightly toxic sometimes. 

But it does not changed my opinion of how good this book is. Aside from the sligthly irritating toxic relationship, my favourite part of this book is Evelyn’s friendship with her close friends. It’s endearing and it’s lovely to read how much trust this friendship consist of.

Aside from being a book of discovering one true self, this book also implied a strong message for readers.


This book encourage readers to appreciate ourselves and that all of us deserves to be happy, all of us deserves to be heard and we all have the rights to made decisions for ourselves, no matter what the outcome might be.

Although it’s not my ultimate favourite book, this book will undoubtly stayed in my heart and mind for a long time.

“You do not know how fast you have been running, how hard you have been working, how truly exhausted you are, until somewhat stands behind you and says, “It’s OK, you can fall down now. I’ll catch you.”

Author: Celine

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