Mini Life Updates

Hey guys! This “life updates” idea pops up yesterday when I busied ponder over my life LOL There are just so many things I want to share with you and moreover, it’s my first ever life updates ever *yay* And without thinking too much, I just decided to go for it.

First off, instead of how I am doing *because that is too normal for my taste* I would like to confess. Big confessions. Even though I am posting every weeks, I’m not exactly updating my blog. It was all scheduled months ago before I have any particular busy schedule to attend to. 

It’s just there are so much going on right now and I don’t think I could spend every weeks of my free time updating my blog without me having any private time for myself. But I assure you, this blog will forever exist and I will never ever neglect this blog of mine. 

Writing blog posts, reading and replying your comments, really help in showing myself how much I love writing. Oh! Another confession. I’ve been on reading slump for I think perhaps a month or two. I’ve been reading this book, with many positive reactions and reviews but I don’t think I quite enjoy it as much as others do. Perhaps, work life reaaaally made a big impact on my reading schedule. 

I’ve been, well.. you could say, in the middle of adapting myself to the new working environment. Cross fingers and wish me luck! I hope things will soon get comfy and fun. Now, luckily, I think I’m beginning to attached myself with reading again. I found this one book, quite okay and so far, it’s been good! Not going to tell the book here but I absolutely going to write a review about it * Ho Ho*

As for painting, I don’t know if this will progress far or if it will progress at all *sobs* I’ve bought brand new supplies for it and I’m still waiting for the supplies to arrive *online shopping is the best platform to waste money* Well, I think paiting will be a pending resolution for now. 

Aside from being super duper busy, tired and perhaps slightly depressed, I think I’m living a good life. You know, life will always have it’s curvy roads and I’m trying my best to be grateful of it all and just go with the flow. 

But yep. One thing for sure, I’m going to keep on progressing, whether in writing blog posts, replying to your comments and emails, reading bloggers posts, in catching up with my TBR, my work life as well as being more consistent with painting. I hope the next time I’m writing my life updates, things will get more grandeur and fun!

Since it’s been a long time since I connect with you guys, mind to share some of your life updates? 


Author: Celine


2 thoughts on “Mini Life Updates

  1. Good too hear from you, Celine! I think my message is to be gentle on yourself. We’re all living through weird times and I bury myself in reading and writing… pop over to my place sometime to see.

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    1. Chris! It’s so nice to have you here! How are you doing? I hope you’re doing just fine! Haha I agree on that ‘weird’ times. Thank you for visiting Chris! Gonna head to your place right after this!

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