Book Review : And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall

I was literally amazed this book has climb to the top ladder to be everyone’s next TBR reads!

This book even made it to the Buzzfeeds list of “13 New Thrillers That Will Make You Lose Sleep.” which, is my utmost reason I ended up reading this book.

Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Page : 384 pages
Published : 22nd September 2020

Isabel Lincoln is gone.

But is she missing?

It’s up to Grayson Sykes to find her. Although she is reluctant to track down a woman who may not want to be found, Gray’s search for Isabel Lincoln becomes more complicated and dangerous with every new revelation about the woman’s secrets and the truth she’s hidden from her friends and family.

Featuring two complicated women in a dangerous cat and mouse game, And Now She’s Gone explores the nature of secrets — and how violence and fear can lead you to abandon everything in order to survive.

First impression: Rivetting opening chapter, made me giddy with anticipation!

And Now She’s Gone—  Following Grayson Sykes, the new P.I adventures as she embarks on a mission to find a missing woman. 

For starters, I love the story. I’m so excited for new thrillers and I love the interesting premises this book holds. 

Grayson Skyes is a new P. I and is working on her first case ever. Because she’s new, it clearly shows how nervous she is for the job and according to me, I think the book made her to be too sloopy at times. 

But it’s okay.

Grayson Skyes clearly does not have any experience and so, it’s fun to see how this all fold out with her chasing leads and witness. 


Around 1/4 or probably half of the book *I don’t quite remember*, I started to be disinterest with the story. I do not know why, for me, I had a hard time getting lost in the book. I know the story is promising, the characters are unique but I can’t seem to get myself in the book.

Perhaps, due to the metaphor-dialogue in the book. I also personally thinks that sometimes, the characters racing-thougths about the situation is made to be too hyperbole. 

Also, couldn’t get the hang of the book is one thing. But reading a book, so different from one’s expectation is another thing. Either it’s going uphill or downhill. And I think it serves the second one for me (T⌓T) 

There are major flashbacks in the book and I hate to say this, but I found none of them are thrilling and mysterious. It’s so.. predictable as to whom is in the flashback and what happen during those flashback time.

Another thing is the build-up tension. I think that’s fairly unnecessary since it does nothing good to the slow pacing. I admit, I’m not a slow pacing reader and probably because of my preference, I’m not that fond with the book (T⌓T) 

Final revelation: I DNF the book. But curiosity gets the best of me, because once again, this book has a strong premises and I flip through the ending. And again, I hate to admit this but I’m not that surprise either.

Although it’s a major revelation and it might even be twisty for some readers.

I HIGHLY praise the book for the change of course this book goes. You won’t get what’s this book is about without trying to read the book first. And it’s some time after, that you realized, this is not just about a newbie P. I looking for a missing woman.

I love the idea of the book and I love the strong premises this book has. But I think it’s not too thrillery for a thriller book. It’s mysterious, but personally, I think it dwells too long on the build-up tension and it focused too much on the main characters herself, which is not too mysterious according to my taste.

BUT judging from many positive reviews this book has on the community, I will gladly suggest you to read the book first before you made any assumptions. Maybe it’s just me being sensitive because lately it’s SO hard for me to find a great book ╥﹏╥ 

Author: Celine

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