Book Review : Don’t Blink by James Patterson

Truthfully, I’m quite nervous to read this book.

I’ve read James Patterson’s before and it’s AMAZING. He immediately jumped up to one of my favourite thriller authors list.

Then, out of excitement, I read another work of his and I couldn’t believe I DNF the book like “Is this the same author I read back then??”

Because I’m SO in love with my first experience reading James Patterson’s, I try to read another work of his and do the judging part later.

That’s where this book comes in.

Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Page : 387 pages
Published : 2010

“What was premeditated murder if not calculated leverage?”

My advice: if you want to read this book, I suggest you to avoid reading the blurb.

I will not include any blurb for this book, but I try my best to introduce you to the book premises without giving up too much information.

Don’t Blink—  When reporter Nick Daniels happened to capture a key evidence that will changed the game course.

I think that’s fairly short. LOL.

But truly. If you would like to get the best experience reading this book, I think you ought to avoid reading the blurb.

Because I read without knowing anything and I put my trust square and flat to James Patterson.

And without knowing anything, for me, there are a lot of things going on in the book, like how things could escalate to one point and another.

And I never expect things could go pretty BIG for the case!

For me, this book is a pretty descent read. I’m not bored and I’m do not wish to rush the story. It has an easy-going vibe because of the character- Nick Daniels. The whole context is fun.

But I think I’m going to love the book more if it contains much more thriller inside. I love how the snooping around going on but I think it needs more thrill to excites the reader.

Don’t get me wrong, it HAS thriller inside, but I need more. The thrill excitement that could pump my heart along, with me– speed-reading the chapter to chase the thrill.

Aaaaand because I read along the flow without reading the blurb, there are quite several ‘woah’ revelation for me. However, it’s not that surprising either. My ‘woah’ as in ‘OMG. I can’t believe they did it but deep in my heart I know they are probably involved somehow.’

Also, rather than thriller, I think this book fits more into crime genre. But overall, I like the book a lot.

In the end, I think this book is pretty descent. And as the last verdict, I’ll be sure to read another James Patterson’s book again! In fact, I have started to set my eyes on his other’s books!

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