Book Review : Silent Suspect by Kerry Wilkinson

The title caught my eyes!

Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Page : 316 pages
Published : 14th January 2019

It started with a phone call. Just one word – ‘Jessica’ – and now Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel has a big problem.

Her missing friend, Bex, called from a battered seaside payphone and yet, by the time Jessica arrived, there was nobody there.

One man claims he can help – but then he turns up on a beach stabbed to death.

Jessica believes someone must be framing her. Someone who is always a step ahead. When she finds a boy whose tattoo matches Bex’s, she becomes more desperate than ever for answers. But, with the police growing more suspicious, Jessica doesn’t have long to find Bex before she becomes the prime suspect for a murder.

With more than her career at stake, can Jessica clear her name – and find her friend – before it’s too late for them both?

I find this book to be very interesting despite the ordinary blurb. Moreover, it’s the thirteen instalment of the series. Must be good right?

Silent Suspect— present the story of Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel whom are wrongly accused of murder when she’s in quest of searching her missing friend.

I was pretty pump up by the introductory chapter and I definitely have high hopes for this book! I have read several books where the main characters are wrongly accused of murder so I found the plot to be quite ordinary which is okay for me.

Because despite many books have the same main ordinary plot, the approach to the subject is varied. And that is what I aim for reading this book. Something surprising and awakening despite the ordinary plot.

I think this book is fairly okay because the introductory chapters are surprisingly good and the mystery are okay too. The kind of mystery that made you question the truth, resisting the urge to flip the last chapters.

However, perhaps I expect too much? Because halfway through, I kind off feel um, quite discourage? since I find everything to be quite ordinary and in some way, quite.. um, not creative? I don’t know how to describe this perfectly well, but I think the problem lies within the characters.

Personally, I think thriller and mystery are supposed to be fun because detectives and cops are good at noticing something that do not catch the eyes of ordinary people despite the clues and hint that are fairly obvious. They point out something that is visible, logical and sometimes even direct, that are not noticeable by untrained eyes. This is the part that usually hooked me in, got me widen my eyes and made me go WOW.

In this case, I think the clues and hint are being too overly obvious (even for me) but I do not know why the characters are still so clueless regarding the matter and made quite slow progress because of it. Another thing, I do not get the detective aura in the book. It feels like I’m reading some commoners trying to solve the issues. Not a professional detective on a mission.

However, I do not hate the book since it’s quite surprising in some part (but still it’s obvious for the other part) which made the whole plot so-so. It’s still a good read up until the very last page of the book. But despite being labelled as thrilling and gripping, I think this book is fairly about mystery. Common mystery for the most part and fascinating mystery near the end of the book.

It might be a great mystery in the end if not for the too cliche situation and a little bit too much luck in the process. Reading through the end of the book, I also realized that I do not read something I’m expected to read. I expect some silent suspect (just like the title claim to be) but that’s not the case at all with this book ╥﹏╥

However, I think this is a fairly good book since everything about this book is balanced out by the other factor. It’s not a bad read but it’s not a remarkable read either. It’s enjoyable although there are some crossed opinion regarding the book. Please check out this book if you are interested with the book! *probably read the book too* I promise it’s fairly okay!


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