Book Review : Keep Him Close by Emily Koch

Genre : Mystery
Page : 320 pages
Published : 12th March 2020


Alice’s son is dead. Indigo’s son is accused of murder.

Indigo is determined to prove her beloved Kane is innocent. Searching for evidence, she is helped by a kind stranger who takes an interest in her situation. Little does she know that her new friend has her own agenda.

Alice can’t tell Indigo who she really is. She wants to understand why her son was killed – and she needs to make sure that Indigo’s efforts to free Kane don’t put her remaining family at risk. But how long will it take for Indigo to discover her identity? And what other secrets will come out as she digs deeper?

No one knows a son like his mother. But neither Alice nor Indigo know the whole truth about their boys, and what happened between them on that fateful night.

I was captivated by the title.

And the short blurb on the cover.

One Son Lied. One Son Died.

What could be more intriguing than that?

I was excited to start this book!

Keep Him Close are the story of Alice— the mother whose son was assume killed and Indigo— the mother whose son are going to prison. Both cross path one day and defend their “true” beliefs of their son. But what really happened at the night of the tragedy?

I expect a lot from the book but at the same time, I expect nothing. I expect it to be thrilling but I also expect that nothing of the sort could happen so I just read and plummet down my expectation.

What I didn’t expect, Keep Him Close is surprisingly good!

The story start off with a small introduction chapters to both family. Alice’s and Indigo’s. Readers are given the outlined of what is going on in the family and most especially, how mothers thought of their sons. Their love and annoyance are cleverly written but not at all disturbing- like most frantic thriller does.

I could categorized this book in thriller actually, but somehow– I think it’s most suited as mystery genre rather than thriller.

I love thriller and sometimes could even pictured of what would happen next and guess what the ending should feel like before I finished the book. This book, just like the title and cover showcase, possessed thriller vibe in the book and I could most definitely feel them slowly creeping inside, but again– as I flip through chapters after chapters and most definitely when I’m reaching the end of the book, I agree this book is thicker in mystery vibe than thriller should be.


I would give an immediate positive rating for making me unable to tear my mind away from the story. I love to keep on reading this book. 

If there is one thing I learnt from the book, it’s the power of love from mothers. Mother’s unconditional love for her children. And this book done a wonderful job in expressing those in Alice and Indigo. Their mother instinct and love are so heartbreaking but addicting to read.

What makes this book so captivating to read is Alice and Indigo struggle to ensure their sons justice.

Alice’s son was claimed to be killed and there are many theories surrounding the death of his son. Many are on the crime scene but no one really know what happened or how did it happened. He just went out to have fun and never return home alive.

Indigo’s son was held captive and blamed for the terrible tragedy. Not believing his son could do this cruel deeds, Indigo’s struggling to find evidence and keep on moving forward even when the world turns their back against her.

Apparently, both mothers meet in a coincidence circumstances and start to build this weird bond of mother’s whose sons was dead and mother’s whose sons are being held captive. Also, with Alice knowing her opponent’s identity and Indigo being kept clueless.

Both are desperately looking for reasons– for evidence. 

Despite all the good points above and the thriller mystery vibe, I personally thought the ending should be made more complicated. This book is mysterious and sometimes even thrilling- but all the feels just evaporates once the truth exposed–and simple. I love how the ending goes but maybe a handy complicated touch could help boost the creepy feels.

For those who are looking for a splendid wording in books, this might be one. I am always captivated with how the story progress chapters after chapters and I am definitely enjoying my time reading this book!

Author: Celine

8 thoughts on “Book Review : Keep Him Close by Emily Koch

  1. Nice review, Celine! I agree, the tagline really draws you in. It is interesting that this one fits more into mystery than thriller, I think we get that with a lot of books in this genre. I read this author’s previous book, If I Die Before I Wake. That was pretty good, so I hope to read this one eventually!

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    1. Thank you so much Stephen! And I agree with you that these days, mystery might be more common genre than thriller! I haven’t pry much into the author’s previous work but If you like the last book, I think this might be entertaining to you as well! Since I guess it might not differ much in writing style 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had heard good things about this author’s previous novel too, but I haven’t read that either. Maybe I should though because I like the different angles of the women and it looks like a great moment when those events fall together. Great review lovely, I’m definitely intrigued!

    Liked by 1 person

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