My Agatha Christie Collection And What I thought About Them…

Indulging myself in society where some of my friends reads when they find interesting books (where a guy would meet a girl and eventually lost in love) makes me realized that I am one of a kind that possessed unique taste in reading.

While they used to obsessed over romance books, I have always love mystery which evolve to murder mystery crime and eventually complete its evolution progress to thriller suspense (believe me when I said I grow up with so many love from my family that it seems unreal.) but I still end up being a thriller maniac anyway.

Just to be clear, I DO NOT despise romance. I love to read short passage about romance every once in a while but rarely holding on to read one full complete book of romance (and some with a very common plot.) I choose those spooky spooky plot that rush my adrenaline as my daily consumption. I do not consume that much though, but I DO have many Agatha Christie books since I used to love her books (still am now but I was even crazier before) She used to be my instant-buy author whenever I saw her books in bookstores before I started to read books from other author and genre.


This is going to be a veeeeeeeeeeeery long post. If you can’t stand my endless rambling for Christie, you may leave (Just kidding. Please don’t leave. I’ll cry in the corner if you do.)


To start, I’m going to show-off my Agatha Christie collection (Yes, show-ff. This post is written not only to show you how amazing Agatha Christie is, but also to show off my collection.) Don’t worry though, I’m a humble little human.

It doesn’t show up well in pictures. For your information, I am born with bad photography skills as all you can see on my Instagram feeds (thebookishventure is my bookish Instagram account.) My friends start to sweat and 3 lines on their forehead pop out very clearly whenever there’s only me left to hold the camera.

Anyway, I own 27 physical books of Agatha Christie up to 13 April 2020! ( Need to jot down the date as I believe my Agatha Christie collection will increased in the future!) and I have 2 of Agatha Christie E-books!

In Agatha Christie’s mystery, we have one main detective for her crime mystery series.

Hercule Poirot!

Basically, Hercule Poirot is Agatha Christie’s most popular fictional character (and detective). Hercule Poirot was once a police officer before becoming a private detective. Being a private detective, he is even more well-known for his talent in solving murder-mystery-crime. Readers love him for his over self-confidence and scrupulousness. Even he would not tolerate the smallest things like a speck of dust on his suit, he would react to the situation in a funny way which made him lovable.

Well-known for : His skill in solving crime, his egg-shaped head (the humour is real) and his big moustache (do not insult his moustache. He is very proud of it.)

Hercule Poirot most famous and favourite line (sadly, readers love it too) :

“Hercule Poirot and his little grey cells”

My Hercule Poirot Collection:

Total — 15 books + 1 E-Book

  • The Clocks
  • Death on the Nile
  • Dead Man’s Folly
  • Cat Among The Pigeons
  • Poirot Investigates
  • Mrs. McGinty is Dead
  • The Labours of Hercules
  • While The Light Last
  • The Mysterious Affairs at Styles
  • Dumb Witness
  • Murder on The Orient Express
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  • One Two Buckle My Shoe
  • Five Little Pigs
  • The ABC Murder
  • The Curtain ( E-Book)

Believe me when I said, all of my time in reading those books are worth it. I’m not going to lie that there are some titles that I have completely forgot about how the story goes but months ago, I re-read some of the titles and let me tell you that Hercule Poirot mystery will never failed to blow your mind. It’s so hard to pick one.

You will never guess the culprit.

Even if you do, I bet you must get it wrong on why the murder is happening. Seriously, your jaw will literally drop at the end of every book. Very detailed on why the murder is done and very satisfying and mind blowing on how Hercule Poirot solved them.

But my most favourite Hercule Poirot mystery is when he works together with a partner (more like a companion actually). His best friend! Arthur Hastings. Not a police officer nor a detective but a secretary that narrates most story of Hercule Poirot. Arthur Hastings often helps Hercule Poirot with his unintentional words which will later inspired Poirot in solving the case. My favourite part of them both is when they bicker lightly (in a warm way) but works together very well in sync. (like me and my little devil inside that bickers over whether to have snacks in the middle of the night for today or tomorrow.) ¬‿¬


Miss Jane Marple enters next!

Miss Jane Marple will be the kindest old lady you will ever known in fictional world. Miss Jane Marple lives in a small village of St Mary Mead and mostly being underestimated (especially for criminals) for her age. She is a humble and well-mannered old lady that sent readers to love her almost directly.

Despite her age, she has a very sharp view on crime and she is surprisingly good in solving them. Her daily ordinary life helps her abundantly to think through solutions for the ongoing crime (she is so good at linking clues with her daily life basis and her sharp mind never failed her to find the missing clues.)


Miss Jane Marple do not have any official title that supports her talent in solving crime. Makes me ponder a lot about my life. Why am I born with marvelous appetite but ain’t got other talent than that.

My Miss Jane Marple Collection:

Total — 6 books

  • The Body In The Library
  • The Murder At The Vicarage
  • A Pocket Full Of Rye
  • The Thirteen Problems
  • Nemesis
  • Sleeping Murder

Miss Marple adventures has a more lay back flow than Hercule Poirot. BUT let me tell you that Miss Marple crime mystery is as thrilling and complicated as Hercule Poirot. What makes them different is the society they lives in. Hercule Poirot is a professional private detective solved crime mostly for the sake of helping police officer ( and catch quite dangerous fugitives mostly.) Miss Marple is the kind of old lady that happens to be there when the murder happened. Occasionally, people who has worked with her also recommend Miss Marple to others in need since she really has a knack in solving crimes.


Here comes my favourite duo!

Tommy and Tuppence!

Real name: Thomas Beresford and Prudence.

Relationship: Husband and Wife

Let me tell you that this two are the cutest sleuth couples ever! I was lucky enough to read their journey from the very first they were introduced. As best childhood friend who met after years of separation. Yep. So readers get to read their cute, funny yet exciting story of their journey in relationship as well as amateur sleuth.

Tommy is the guy who had more radical thinking than Tuppence. Tommy is a bit slow in action at times but can easily adapted and make his way out of danger when things are getting out of hand. Tommy is also the kind of guy who thinks fast when things get crucial. In fact, Tommy is actually a smart guy but being cautious sometimes hinder Tommy to act fast.

Meanwhile, Tuppence is the opposite of Tommy. Tuppence is a lady that think and decide fast without thinking of the consequences. Tuppence is an energetic and adventurous lady. Tuppence is the one to take the first action with risk and most of the times, the mastermind of all dangerous plan they thought together.

If Tuppence get herself in troubles, Tommy would come to her aid. Like I stated above, Tommy looks like just another ordinary man married to a smart lady. Many enemies underestimate Tommy while in fact, he is a smart man.

My Tommy and Tuppence Collection:

Total — 2 books

  • The Secret Adversary
  • Partners In Crime

For sure I WILL BUY AND READ THE REST OF THEIR STORY SOMEDAY ( I’m not a book cannibal. I’m just excited and… sad… to not bought their books when I had the chance before..) You will never put down your books once you read Tommy and Tuppence together in a frame.

They also employ a boy – Albert as their assistant. I love Albert character since he is so flexible and very loyal to both Tommy and Tuppence. Although it is not shown directly, in the book you could see that both Tommy and Tuppence also cares for him dearly.

Their second book, Partners In Crime totally describe Tommy and Tuppence relationship. Their sarcastic moments to one another, their deep devotion, their skills in solving cases-


Before you misunderstand, like the rest of Agatha Christie’s books, Tommy and Tuppence adventure also consist of crimes that will totally worth your time. I love the book for the characters but I also love the story and how they try their best to find justice. It’s not as serious as Hercule Poirot nor Miss Marple since Tommy and Tuppence will make you smile with their small bickering but the story and the crime is still as serious as the rest of Agatha Christie’s book.

Do not mess around with this two sleuths. Once they start to indulge themselves in solving the crime, they often indulged themselves in danger. Much more than Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple.

Here’s a little excerpt from Partners In Crime (starring the lovely duo) :

“Six years ago,” continued Tuppence, “I would have sworn that with sufficient money to buy things with, and with you for a husband, all life would have been one grand sweet song, as one of the poets you seem to know so much about puts it.”

“Is it me or the money that palls upon you?” inquired Tommy coldly.

“Palls isn’t exactly the word,” said Tuppence kindly. “I’m used to my blessings, that’s all. Just as one never thinks what a boon it is to be able to breathe through one’s nose until one has a cold in the head.”

“Shall I neglect you a little?” suggested Tommy. “Take other women about to night clubs. That sort of thing.”

“Useless,” said Tuppence. “You would only meet me there with other men. And I should know perfectly well that you didn’t care for the other women, whereas you would never be quite sure that I didn’t care for the other men. Women are so much more thorough.”

I CAN’T WITH THIS COUPLE. But they warms my heart and I am so jealous with the trust and relationship they have (T⌒T )


I don’t know how should I categorized this. but let me try

Agatha Christie’s Non Detective Book!

Sounds.. weird if you compare with the grand introduction for the detectives above.

Anyway, this category by all means is books that DO NOT include Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple and Tommy and Tuppence in the story.

My Agatha Christie’s Non Detective Book Collection:

Total — 4 books + 1 E- Book

  • Endless Night
  • Death Comes At The End (My first Agatha Christie’s book ever!)
  • The Pale Horse
  • Murder is Easy
  • And Then There Were None (E-Book)

I think you are going to slapped the hell out of me if I said this is another amazing category you should read. BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY.

If you are in the mood for reading romance with a spark of thrill, you should pick Endless Night. 

If you are looking for a shocking, confusing, unbelievable reads, you should pick The Pale Horse. Make you wonders not only “WHO?” but also “HOW?”

Murder Is Easy. Don’t the title spark your interest? 

If you are looking for a thrilling sensation you should pick And Then There Were None. No need for further information. Just go pick the book.

If you are looking for something different, you should pick Death Comes At The End. The story based on the real letter translated by some Egyptologist –  Battiscombe Gunn (Obviously, I google the name.) And this is the only Agatha Christie’s books that are set in Thebes 2000 B.C. Death Comes At The End is my first Agatha Christie’s book and I have strong impression on it ( and now even more since I re-read the book months ago.)  I remember loving the unique setting and characters but find the story a little bit monotone. However, I end up dropping my jaw at the end of the book and that is what made me a loyal Agatha Christie’s fan until today.

It will be too long If I reviewed every book of Agatha Christie in this post and I don’t even pin any pictures per books since I know humans only have two thumbs to scroll through post by phone and forefingers (Well.. you have two forefingers and you can switch. So.. two forefingers (•ˇ‿ˇ•) ) to use computer mouse scroll-wheel. It’s going to be so long. Maybe one day in another post ¯\_( ツ )_/¯

I am going to sums all the books in two words.

Brilliant and Unbelievable.

Brilliant crimes and Unbelievable shocking ending.

Out of 29 stories of Agatha Christie I have read, here’s the total review in percentage:

  • Characters : 95% (Unique and so brilliantly diverse in every books) – there are also some repeat characters that warms readers heart for their appearance in another three of four books.
  • Plot : 90% (Never once have similar plot.) – very creative, genius and author did a detailed research for every books.
  • Writing : 90% (Deep literature writing) – She has the talent to make things sound professional but I can pictured it right away (and mostly clearly) and I could exactly understand what the characters feel without much words given. Short but impactful.
  • Setting : 100% (Always so detailed) –  I love how Agatha Christie always managed to described everything in detailed, like the location, the furniture, the characters.

Recommended Reads?

You could see from my endless ramblings that I spent my teenage life reading Agatha Christie’s books. Still am today, but mostly re-reads. And there’s no words to describe how much I love Tommy and Tuppence (but I still love food more.)

Personal favourite books?

Every books! They’re unique in their own way and it is so hard to choose one. I really do enjoy every Agatha Christie’s books and the ending’s always varied and new. Never did I read her book thinking “Oh. This is not much different from that story.”

But if you asked me to choose based on category, I choose Hercule Poirot for the story complexity ( even though I love Tommy and Tuppence so much) but Hercule Poirot mystery really written on another whole new level. And non – detective books also surprisingly good. Personal favourite of non-detective books – The Pale Horse.

Am I going to add another books to my Agatha Christie collection?

Yes. Definitely. but it’s not going to be much. Maybe one or two books since I’m saving for a lot of things.

How about you? Have you read any Agatha Christie’s books before?

Author : Celine

15 thoughts on “My Agatha Christie Collection And What I thought About Them…

  1. She is such an under-rated author! I must admit that although I’d loved the films and various TV series, I’d never read any of her books until a few years ago. What a revelation! Brilliantly written and crafted, wonderful misdirection…
    But it’s Tommy and Tuppence I love the best. The only one I haven’t read is ‘The Postern of Fate’. I’m going to seek that out!
    Her plays are pretty good, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post. Loads of great Christie stories on here!

    My favourite has to be A Murder Is Announced, although for a non detective one I’d pick And Then There Were None 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I want to read more of her books. I read so many when I was a teenager, but only re-read Murder on the Orient Express more recently, and I have Death on the Nile for later this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors, she has such a knack for writing mysteries! Hercule Poirot novels are my favourite but I enjoy Miss Marple stories too. I haven’t read Tommy and Tuppence though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! All of her mysteries are just gold!! Not to mention, the charismatic Hercule Poirot that never failed to baffled me! You should try Tommy and Tuppence! Unlike Hercule Poirot, they’re funny, witty and more action-packed than any other Agatha’s detectives!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu!! Glad that you love her books! Those two books indeed carved a whole new mystery of Agatha’s books! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts more once you read Miss Marple mystery!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love this post! I keep thinking I need to read some more Agatha Christie–I’ve read And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express–but I never seem to get around to it. But I think your enthusiasm is contagious!

    Liked by 1 person

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