Books Non-Readers Expect Me To Read (But in Fact I Haven’t..)

The reason I started this blog, is to brag about amazing stories I read since I have little to none – friends who loves to read as much as I do. Meaning, I do not have much chance to talk about the story and that triggers me to talk about it in a platform. As much as people understand and accept me as a bookish person who obsessed with thriller, crime and suspense, sometimes I’m still being questioned about books that they thought I have read it ages ago but in fact, I haven’t.

The question goes like this : “Oh! you love books! You must have read this book!” Resulted with me laughing silently and had me asking myself “And you called yourself a bookworm?” Happens every time since it’s super duper popular books we are talking about.

1. Harry Potter.

Who. Doesn’t. Know. Harry. Potter.

Great movies, great books and yet I have never watch the movies nor read the books.

Seriously, I really do want to read the books so bad. I have watch some scenes from the movies coincidentally when I flick through TV-channels but I have never really watch the full movies. I know the movies must be so good that even non-readers crowd the theatre whenever the movies out. I could only guess the book must be utterly amazing to get readers worshipped the talented J.K. Rowling. I am dead serious of buying the book when I glance through the price that shattered my dreams away. And so, this series was forgotten..

2. Percy Jackson.

Another great series.

I have watched both movies: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson Sea of Monster and both movies are amazing! Another plus point since I have what people often called as “weak-spot” in Greek mythology. My motto of life: A good book do not guarantee an amazing movie, but if the movies good then the book must turns out even better than the movies! Which made this to be a must read series. However, I never manage to pick up this series even though I am dead curious with Rick Riordan’s books!

3. Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit.

Now, don’t even ask me what is the difference between the two title.

What makes me more ridiculous is I watch both movies and I love it and yet I can’t tell the difference before I google them finding more information that can explain the phenomenon to my brain. Seriously, the story line is amazing as well as the setting and all the props for the movies. I have seen readers brag about how good the books are but again, I haven’t pick it up myself.

4. Alice in Wonderland.

Obviously, Alice in Wonderland gain more fame than other classics like: The Little Woman or The Secret Garden.

For non-readers.

Since there are a lot of Alice in Wonderland adaptation and all of them are surely amazing in their own way. Not to mention, the unique story plot and the movie publication in 1951 by Disney that showcase Alice herself truly helps to gain worldwide recognition until today. Again, I have watched the movies, read the comic but haven’t read the original writing by Lewis Carroll.

5. The Fault In Our Stars.

The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns.

Haven’t watched nor read the books. At that time when these two books were very much became the world phenomenon (Still are now), I have friends who either watched or read the books and claimed to cry at how touching the books are. Personally, I am curious at how good this book will be but there’s always this feelings like “Should I really read this?” And I always happen stopped myself. Still debating over the best time for me to read this book.

Author : Celine

23 thoughts on “Books Non-Readers Expect Me To Read (But in Fact I Haven’t..)

  1. I’ve read a couple of the Harry Potter books and seen half of the films. It’s a goal of mine to at least watch all of the films even though I know there are a number of differences between the books 😛

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  2. Woah yeah okay those are definitely cliché books everyone thinks everyone has read (and they’re awesome so it makes sense) and I’m a little shocked you haven’t read Percy Jackson or Harry Potter but tbh I have not read the final HP book.

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  3. I have only read TFIOS and Paper Towns out of these 😂 and I really wanna read Harry Potter — I have been wanting to pick it up for a long time now, but there’s just too many books to read ugh!

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  4. Hahahah I relate so much with this and it’s why I broke the curse and read the first HP a couple of months ago! Now I can tell everyone that I’ve read but… never finished it. It’s on my TBR. 😛 Same for Tolkien. Got around to reading The Hobbit and plan on fixing the LotR trilogy as soon as possible now! 😀


  5. I haven’t read any books by Sarah J Maas yet, and it’s been haunting me – lol.

    But I have read HP, I read the first one 20 years ago, before the hype really started, it was almost like growing up with the books, which was nice.

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    1. Hahaha you should try reading Sarah J Maas’s books! I’m so happy to read her ACOTAR series and to be able to join the fandom!

      And. Oh! That feeling! When you are fully aware of how good the books are before they’re being made into films! Getting the upperhand in reading the story line before watching the movies always such a divine pleasure for me lol. Although, it’s still a long way for me to read all HP series~


  6. I’ve read all of these books besides The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. That’s the only one where I haven’t watched the movie adaptation either!

    I’d highly recommend The Fault In Our Stars movie, even if you’re not interested in the book! I really enjoyed watching it, and I thought they did a great job of adapting the book into a movie format!

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  7. Haha I RELATE SO HARD. I really want to read PJO and Alice In Wonderland!! I’m sure I’ll enjoy both of them. I’ve read The Hobbit and I… enjoyed it. It’s very slow but I adore Bilbo. Harry Potter was good when I read it but it’s been simply forever since I read it and my memory of it is foggy

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    1. Hahaha HIGH FIVE😂👏 btw, I really am envious of you having to read Harry Potter already!! I’m sure it must be amazing~ but based on your review, I don’t think I’ll come to love Hobbit… Since it’s very slow and I couldn’t stand slow-paced plot 😥 but it would be lovely to try reading them one day!


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