5 Situations Every Book Lovers Can Relate

As the saying goes, ”So many books, so little times“ or in my case, I should say “so many pages, I would love to finish them all by today.“ 

However, things seldom go smoothly as planned since you know, yadi yadi da we still have to deal with life and so on. Busy reading doesn‘t mean we have to neglect our life right? (said the person who throws away every responsibility once she read) Kidding, just spent all day on my bed flipping hundreds of pages.

Anyway, I found the inspiration for this post when I was stopped mid-way reading (which happens very frequently) Then this idea just pop out of nowhere and I end up searching similar quotes on Google and Ta-ra! How well can you relate to this situations below?

1. Five More Minutes.

No doubt that this is the biggest fat lie I have ever told to anyone including myself to stop reading any further and I believe, some book lovers have the same issues as I am. Well, for bookish encyclopedia five more minutes synonyms to puffy eyed in the morning.

2. If You Walk A Mile in My Shoes, You‘ll End Up at A Bookstore.

Tell me its not just me. I would always end up walking through the bookstore any time when I have the time. I could walk and stand for hours looking for books to add up on my TBR list. It doesn‘t matter whether I bought the books or nah, bookstores will always be my favourite places to go to.

3. The Problem With Reading A Good Book Is That You Want To Finish The Book, But You Don‘t Want To Finish The Book.

Get what I mean? Happens all the time with good books. I can‘t wait to know the ending to stop myself squealing, squeaking and squirming under my blankie. Besides, I need my beauty sleep to redeem all those missing hours due to the authors‘ brilliance and endless tease to kill my favourite character. (Dear author, If you are reading this, please stop murdering good characters. My heart can‘t take much) Anyway, I am dying to reach through the end of the story but at the same time, I would want the story to keep on lingering in my heart because I am afraid I would hardly find another good books as good as the book I am reading now.

4. My Weekend Is All Booked

Yes. My weekend is all booked. Booked as in books. Staying in bed safe and warm with bundles of books to finish. And that my friend, is paradise.

5. I’m Not Addicted To Reading. I Can Stop As Soon As I Finish This Book.

Half truth, half lies. Yes, I can stop reading after I finish the book only to find myself having rough flashback to my favourite scenes of the book. Well.. you know, just me being emotional on my books.

And the side effects of those five numbers above are:

That Moment At 3AM When you whisper to yourself


As you turn the page



15 thoughts on “5 Situations Every Book Lovers Can Relate

  1. I can definitely relate to all of these situations! Since I’m so busy during the week, I prioritize my reading over the weekend. These days it’s practically the only time I read!

    And I’ve spent many a vacation at a book store all day! Because there’s something so magical about being surrounded by books you might one day read! Whenever I travel, one of my favorite things to do is to discover all the book shops in the area I’m visiting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! I also can’t stop myself visiting bookstores. I would feel satisfied looking and flipping through the book summary even if I come out empty handed in the end. My favourite is skimming through the ‘New Arrival’ section and ‘Best Seller’ section!

      Liked by 1 person

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