Book Review : Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M. McManus

Genre : Mystery, Young Adult, Thriller, Contemporary
Page : 329 pages
Published : 8th January 2019

Echo Ridge is small-town America. Ellery’s never been there, but she’s heard all about it. Her aunt went missing there at age seventeen. And only five years ago, a homecoming queen put the town on the map when she was killed. Now Ellery has to move there to live with a grandmother she barely knows.

The town is picture-perfect, but it’s hiding secrets. And before school even begins for Ellery, someone’s declared open season on homecoming, promising to make it as dangerous as it was five years ago. Then, almost as if to prove it, another girl goes missing.

Ellery knows all about secrets. Her mother has them; her grandmother does too. And the longer she’s in Echo Ridge, the clearer it becomes that everyone there is hiding something. The thing is, secrets are dangerous–and most people aren’t good at keeping them. Which is why in Echo Ridge, it’s safest to keep your secrets to yourself.

“When you come into the world with another person, they’re as much a part of you as your heartbeat.”

To be completely honest, I am excited when I find across this book in my local bookstore. However, I do not expect much since it has been so long since I last read a  good mystery thriller book.

The story starts as the twins – Ellery and Ezra moved to Echo Ridge to live with their grandmother. Ellery is a teenage girl that is totally obsessed over the mystery of her missing aunt and yet, she never succeed in finding out any useful information regarding her aunt’s sudden disappearance except for the fact that she’s missing at the age of seventeen. Only five years ago, there’s another case in Echo Ridge in which a homecoming queen was killed.

Ellery and Ezra are close to each other and they are inseparable. Together, they embark the journey to find out the perpetrator when there’s another homecoming queen gone missing with the help of Malcolm and Mia – their new best friends in Echo Ridge.

My opinion? I did not feel impressed at first because I thought the case is simple that it does not require a whole lots hundreds of pages to answer. However, I did enjoy the reads and my fingers are itching to move the pages and my eyes can’t stop scanning the words. During the reads, mysteries starting to get pile up. It does not come out directly all at once, but the mystery are emerging bits by bits during the reads. So, you have to read to follow the mystery accordingly. The mystery also gets more complicated and confusing as there are too many unanswered questions.

Ellery – the main character of this book, loves to question the mystery behind her missing aunt to her grandmother since her mother would never answer any questions related to her aunt. Ezra – as the supportive twin, helps Ellery in finding the information of missing puzzles and yet also warn Ellery that not everyone feels attracted to the topic as it will bore others.

Moving to Echo Ridge, Ellery seems to be friends with the suspect’s brother – Malcolm due to unexpected situation and Mia – Malcolm’s best friend. Many incident occur that made one suspects another. Here, the bond of the four are tested. Who should be trusted? Who is the real killer behind all of these mess? Without them noticing, danger are closer than it seems.

“or maybe we’re finally figuring out that we haven’t been normal for years and it’s time to redefine the word.”

Author : Celine

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