How Do You React When a Book….

Books, books and books! How do you react when you find across a book you have long wished for, suddenly there in front of your eyes, ready to be brought home? Totally bulgy eyes, amazed, excessive and weird shrieking voices coming out from your throat. I understand. I do it too occasionally. To make this post fun, I would love to know how would you react when a book:

1. You was loving had a terrible ending.

This is a total disaster and a total nightmare. Imagine reading a book so far so good when suddenly the plot hits you hard but you still have high hopes for the next part and suddenly BAM! The ending turns out to be terrible, crushing all your expectations and left a permanent shattered heart behind. After all those sleepless night…


2. Killed your favourite ships.

Okay. This is serious. CODE RED, CODE RED! I love the story but I also adore the couples inside. If a book sink my favourite ships? It’s a cruel tragedy in a cruel world. Dear author, please don’t kill any lovable characters for the sake of humanity heart and soul.


3. Made you throw away all your responsibilities.

Now, THIS. I’m so sorry to say this, but I have no regret on reading another chapter to quench my thirst on my favourite characters. Their fate are in my hands and eyes according to how fast I finish the chapter. Although I need to pull an all-nighter in the end to commit myself to my neglected responsibility…

4. Not as good as expected.

In my opinion, this is common in bookish world. But still, those feelings you had are disturbing and relatable when the book does not meet up your expectation and doesn’t seems like anything you had in your mind.

5. Full of twist.

WHO. DOESN’T. LOVE. PLOT. TWIST? One of my reasons for loving suspense thriller books so much is because of the twist.

It can get you like this:

Or this:



What is the most common thing happen to you? How do you react when a book turn your day upside down?

Author : Celine

6 thoughts on “How Do You React When a Book….

  1. oh gosh it’s a total nightmare when a story you love has a terrible ending!!! I hate when that happens!! And I hate when my ships don’t sail :/And yes unfortunately a book not being as good as expected is a little too common. But I do like a good plot twist!

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    1. SO TRUE! I hate terrible ending so much and when my ships don’t sail? I kinda lost half my will to read :/ While plot twist is totally my jam! Books are ALWAYS better with never-ending twist and turn inside!


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