Perks of Being a Bookworm.

Being a bookworm means getting lost in great deal of books. Well, there’s no one to blame though. They are just so good until those weird symptoms start to kick in. Yup. Being a bookworm is weird. How weird? Well, instead of claiming ourselves to be a book geek weirdo, let’s just called it perks of being a bookworm to be saved.

1. Mourn Over Characters.

I’ve got endless tears ready to spill for those books’ characters. Not to mention, if those are my favourite characters! Common symptoms will start with a pair of bulgy eyes and jaw dropping act before shock, rage and sadness kick in to your systems. If you are unlucky, you may have tears and tissues for the bonus.

2. Being a Bookstore Maniac.

In other words, getting hype over a bookstore when you are miles away from it. Who can relate? I need to send my deepest gratitude to myself for not running across the public places for a couple of books. Cheers.

3. Shelves’ Storage Space Blabbering.

I don’t even know how many times I have whined and complained for the lack of space on my bookcase before I decided to buy for a new one. A much more bigger shelf. Here’s a fact. No matter how big is your book shelf, it will never be enough. Except you have stop yourself from buying more books which is unlikely to happen for me.

4. Pampering Books

Well, I take care of my books very carefully. No scratch is allowed nor any pages folding. I keep them safe and sound in my book shelf, wrap them in a nice plastic wrapper and dust them off. Well, my books are one of my source of happiness.

What’s your perks of being a bookworm?

Author : Celine

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