Being Grateful.

Being Grateful.

This is probably very late but as people always said, new year, new resolutions. There are a lot of unforgettable moments happening in life. Some might be memorable and sweet, some might be unpleasant to even think about it. Having to grow up and by chance, meeting lots of different personalities across my journey has taught me that life aren’t always smooth. Instead, life is patchy, rocky and adventurous.

In the past few months, I am trying to stay away from social media as long as I could. The first reason is because I barely have time for it and the next, the main reason for my absence in social media is to learn to appreciate life more than I already had before. I would love to live my life more and enjoying moments in reality instead of drowning myself in virtual life. Besides, what we saw in social media doesn’t guarantee that one’s is utterly happy. People only posting and sharing for the sake of the eyes of many or in other words, merely publication.

Writing this post, I am well aware that I am blessed, grateful and happy with my life. Even more than before. There’s just so many valuable moments and connections I have with people I deeply care for and I am thankful for their endless affections. I am utterly happy that I’m not doing anything for status but for my own happiness. This year resolutions? Be much more grateful!

What do you feel the most grateful for?

Author : Celine

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