Bookworms : Bookmarks?

As a reader, there’s only one thing I need to emphasize right here and right now. Bookmark is a lifesaver. Who can relate? I can’t read without a bookmark. Before, I literally use anything to mark my reads. Guess what they are. Trust me, you don’t even want to know. Let’s see what type of bookmarks exist in this heavenly literally world:

1. Creative Bookmarks

Lots of readers are getting super creative with their bookmarks. What I mean by creative is, by using anything as far as eyes can see. Plastic, origami folding, flowers, a comb, anything. Not to mention, the most frequent bookmarks you could always find, receipt bills. I used that a lot back when I start reading piles of books.

2. Free Bookmarks

Nowadays, books are frequently published along with free bookmarks, mostly, a printing of the book’s cover. Who doesn’t love free bookmarks? They are pretty and remind us so much about the book. The first thing I always do after tearing of book package is to search for the bookmarks. I would squeal in delight if I found one.

3. Pretty Bookmarks

There are readers who have one special bookmarks for every books they read. I called it The pretty bookmarks. It might be customized bookmarks or any unique bookmarks as long as the readers feel special when using the bookmark. Meaning, a limited edition bookmark. I have one special bookmark of mine. My grandmother notice I love books and she gave me a golden colour leaf bookmark with pretty carving on both side. This ends my habit using packaging plastic as a bookmark. No judge.

4. Digital Bookmarks

I have never try this though, but there are readers marking their reads on application like Goodreads. This way, they won’t have to find for bookmarks. You may try to use this as your bookmark since you just need a few taps on your phone or any digital devices to mark your reads.

5. No Bookmarks

I could have never ever read without a bookmark. I know there are readers that manage to read without bookmarks. My thoughts? Well, they are amazing.

Let’s leak our little bookmark secrets below shall we? I’m dying to know about your bookmark!

Author : Celine

12 thoughts on “Bookworms : Bookmarks?

  1. I rarely read physical copies anymore, so don’t need many bookmarks. All the ones i use were a gift from someone and they all have cats on them 😀 They are magnetic and i love them. ❤

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  2. Years ago I read one of those memory books that teaches you how to remember things. So I applied it to remembering page numbers instead of putting in a book mark. Worked even better than I thought it would. Now most of my reading is e-books so don’t need bookmarks, but on the rare occasions I do read a physical copy I still just remember the page rather than track down a bookmark.

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  3. I just use any random piece of paper as a bookmark. I can’t be bothered to get creative. Anyways, if I’m reading a really good book, I’ll ignore the rest of the world and finish it in one sitting, so no bookmarks required. My mom did get me one of those magnetic bookmarks, though. If I don’t have any bookmarks nearby, I just try my best to remember the page number.

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