Which ‘Reader Type’ Suite You The Most?

Everyone know readers adore books. What could be better than unlimited brand new books to readers? Except, readers don’t always share the same interest in books genre. Every readers have their own decision and preference to make. When some readers are loving their reads, some might probably get it over fast and prefer to read the other books that seems more enjoyable and more suitable for their taste. Now, here are type of readers that will probably suit you:

1. The Pull an All-Nighter Reader.

I bet every readers population have ever done this at least once in their life. This happened when the book just seems too good to be left unread in the cold dark shelves. In the end, readers wasted the whole night, some probably stayed until the sun rise and read their eyeballs out. My experience? Exhausting but worth it.

2. The Take It Slow Reader.

In another words, the slow pace reader. This type of readers tend to take their time and appreciate slow reading to understand everything perfectly. They are not rushed by time to finish the book. They just simply enjoy reading in their free time. By reading slowly, readers skimmed through all the words without skipping and tends to feel deeper feelings upon reading(deep reading).

3. The Face Pace Reader.

On the contrary with slow pace reader, fast pace reader tends to read everything fast in tolerable speed. Meaning, they might have skipped through a sentence or two upon reading. When they feel something does not adds up to the story because they read too fast, they are going to the last part they skipped, only to read them and continue from where they left off. I can relate though.

4.The Re-Read Reader.

Do you have any favourite books? Since you have finished the book, do you have any thoughts on re-reading them again after some time? Well, this type of reader tends to re-read their book and got lost once again in their favourite reads. I’ve done this once or twice, the reads are not surprising but it is definitely still entertaining. You should try it sometimes!

5. The Series Lover Reader.

This type of reader has the motto: I don’t even care how many books are there in the series as long as the series are amazing. Who can relate? Series tends to be amazing and the story revolves deeper and more complicated that it seems to be. Moreover, the waits for another sequel of the book is thrilling!

Mind to share what type of reader are you?

Author : Celine


12 thoughts on “Which ‘Reader Type’ Suite You The Most?

  1. I’m a #2, #4, and #5, but mostly I’m a “Take it Slow” kind of reader. It’s better to take it slow and just understand/process everything. Growing up, I often found myself re-reading a lot, but now that I’m blogging, I don’t have time for that anymore! Also, I am kind of drowning in my TBR pile…

    Such a cute post!

    Liked by 1 person

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