5 Readers Worst Nightmare

Books are always within readers realm of studies. Nothing goes wrong by being a reader. However, there might be some conditions and situations that will most likely annoys readers. I personally thought that these conditions below are unbearable.

1. Sold Out Books.

There goes my reactions when I found out the books I dreamt off is yet to be found nowhere. The weeks before it was there and the moment when I set my heart and soul on the book, “POOF “. It was gone..

2. Pricey Books.

Imagine you have set your heart on specific new release and when it does on sale, you are half faking a heart attack because of the price. Well, it’s not like I am super annoyed with this case but still, those moments of considerations exist on whether to buy or to place the book back on the shelves and start hunting the other worth reading books.

3. Cliffhanger.

Now, this is annoying. Super duper annoying. I mean, okay, I love plot twist and cliffhanger. However, only when I have the sequels on my hands. I can’t help but worry sick about what will be the fate of my beloved characters and how would the rest of the plot goes. I dare not imagine.

4. Spoiler.

Now this, is a no no. I can’t bear myself reading spoiler about the books I am going to read next. I even avoided reading sequel summaries if I haven’t finished the first book. It won’t be so much fun to read without anticipating anything because we have known about the twist. Entertaining but not surprising.

5. Below the Expectations.

One of the many things I am afraid of when choosing a new recommendation book is whether the book will be as good as the reviews and ratings or it goes the other way around. I’ve read several books where the reality doesn’t quite meet the expectations and those empty feels lingers for quite some times.

What about you? What will be your worst nightmare as a reader? Mind to share?

Author : Celine

17 thoughts on “5 Readers Worst Nightmare

      1. Ohh yes… Waiting for Queen of Air and Darkness for more than an year and a half… Kingdom of Ash for an year.. it was tough 😩😩😩

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  1. Great post – with you on all of those. My worst, although I’m more used to it now, is the cliff-hanger end and having to get the sequel. Clever marketing, but deeply unsatisfying to me. Especially when you read on Kindle, so it’s not so obvious that the book is going to come to a sudden end without conclusion or resolution.

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  2. A fun post! I agree with all these “worries”. Books that fall way below expectations are particularly annoying. Before I was introduced to the whole book blogging community I never even imagined there could exist so many over-hyped books that are sold as “masterpieces” and “best-sellers” but that in reality are so average.

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  3. Oh, yesss… all of it!
    With kindle there are less chances of out of stock, but it did happen that a book i wanted was not released on kindle and the paper book cost as much as a meal in my fave steak pub. So that was a nope for me :/

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