The Insecurities of Growing in Life

The Insecurities of Growing in Life

We are all growing physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when do we grow. It just that every time we flash our memories to look back, we know that we are changing, evolving, growing and developing, hopefully to be better. Sometimes I feel brave for leaping such a gap in my life and I am proud of myself with the growth and changes. However, I can’t help but feel terrified of what could come out next. That is where I would start to look back and wish things could be as simple as I were a child.

These days, I rarely had those thoughts. Nowadays, instead of reminiscing the past, I tend to think about my future. What awaits me in the future? That is a question I will never get to answer as I will keep on growing. Besides, life in unpredictable. Anything could happen in life. Growing is inevitable and everyone have to face this phase. The only difference it made is whether you choose to grow old or to grow up. Facing obstacles and hardships in life is one of many causes to shape growth.

I don’t know exactly how much I have changed but I know I am growing. For that, I am willing to step into the future, see things along the way, gaining experience, ready for the next changes and ready for the future. Hardships, challenges and uncertainty will be along the way, but those storm will always passed. I will probably keep on worrying about life every once in a while, but I am ready to find an upgraded version of me in the future.

What about you? Are you ready for the future?

Author : Celine

13 thoughts on “The Insecurities of Growing in Life

  1. I felt this way when I was twenty-five. Not knowing what holds in the future is a scary thought. But what I noticed is that when difficulties happen; it makes us learn and evolve, become active and able to live life with purpose.

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  2. Great post! I’m definitely looking forward to the future. My mind is constant occupied on what’s to come. Change can be difficult at times but it’s important that we move with it in order to grow 💕

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