Fun Reading For Beginners.

What do you have in mind when people say ‘reading?’

The never ending long text with no pictures in it and some words that we might not even understand. If you would like to try, you will found out that reading is actually a fun hobby to do. Besides, you get to add your knowledge and imaginations along the way. Reading will never be boring as long as you made it as a fun reading journey, right? Here are some tips to make a fun reading.

  • Choose Your Reads!

The most exciting part in reading is to choose which book we would like to read next! You can choose any books as long as it pique on your interest because it could help you motivate to read faster than you think. If you get bored easily, try to avoid thicker books and adjust yourself to read little by little each day. Frequently visit book stores or library for new arrivals because it could boost you to read faster to get on the next book!

  • Don’t think it as a burden!

Never think of long pages and text in the book. The best think you can do in reading is to read without adding any pressure. Try your best to absorb the story and enjoy the roller coaster ride in the book. Put down the book if you think it doesn’t suit your preference and go on to your next read. You may try to read the book again if you’d like to after some time. You don’t have to read a whole bunch of papers and chapters in a day. Just read whenever you feel like it and stop when you start to feel bored.

  • Tell the Story!

One of the best thing you can do in reading is tell the story to the others! You can express it in writing or even to just talk all over it to people around you. You are even allowed to create a site for you to rant everything about the story or the better, join a community that share the same interest as you in reading and let it all out!

  • Create Your Space!

You can read in literally any where! To make it fun, try re-creating those scenes on a movie. For instance, try building a tent inside your room. Fill in your tent with pillows and blanket. You can even decorate your tent with lights! You can even build your tent outdoor and enjoy the breezy wind while reading. Prepare some hot drinks and snacks to make it even unforgettable!

Aside from the tips above, there are still many ways out there that can create a fun reading. Mind to share your tips?

Author : Celine

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