Stephen King – ‘ Good Books Don’t Give Up All Their Secrets At Once. ‘

Stephen King – ‘ Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once. ‘

Who doesn’t love to read story? For sure, everyone loves story! Story is both fun to read and heard. The only difference is whether we choose to read the story by ourselves because we love to read or we prefer to hear the story told by an audio books or a storyteller for we are not that fond of reading stuff.

For me, reading a book in my free time is a must. I rarely carry out books outdoor because I feel like I might missed memorable moments that has been going on. Being lost in a book doesn’t mean we get to lose every precious moment in life right? Besides, I feel weird to read outdoor, alone by myself since I rarely seen anyone reading outdoor in my country. It just simply direct all the unnecessary attentions to myself. Therefore, I love to read indoor, in my most comfortable slumber which is my bed.

One of the reason I love to read, besides the astonishing story, is the plot are staged in a proper way. It all begin with a proper introduction of the characters to let us know them better, and yet they begin to tell us the issues slowly but surely. My favourite part of reading a story is the twists. Plot twists or any shocking circumstances happening in the story, never failed to make me feel excited and nervous at the same time. What makes me excited about a good plot twists is they never pour out everything directly for the readers. They dropped those twists and secrets in the most unexpected way and there are more than one plot twists and secrets in the story. Do you love to read? If so, do you agree with the remarkable Stephen King?

Author : Celine

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