Book Collections As Much As Bookstore

Books are an absolute gift for readers. Readers love to collect books to decorate the shelf and of course to spend their time on wonderful adventures inside a book. The more books readers have, the joyful readers may be! Having a stack of books as to-be-read list is every readers excitement. The feeling before starting reading new book collections could even sent readers giddy! Re-reading the book that we have read is indeed entertaining but of course new books will always sound the best.

Sometimes because we have such a good read, we end up reading all of those to-be-read list before the due date that we have set. By this, we are running out of books to read. Well, it is either buying another pile of books to read until the end of the month or buying some books for the due date that we have set, or the worst part, we choose to wait for the deadline to pass by or another month comes by to start purchasing books again.

Do you ever imagine, what could it feels like having book collections roughly the same number as bookstore? I could say having those kind of books inside my room is a pure heaven. I can choose whichever books to give it a shot, and whenever I am running out of books, I can choose the one I seldom read as my next book or I can grab whichever books I randomly pick. There are just so many books to pick!

Not only in reading, I can also arrange my shelf whichever I want it to be. I can arrange it by genre, colours, title and even by the authors! I just find having large number of book collections is just wonderful. What about you? What would you do if you have book collection as much as the books in a bookstore?

Author : Celine

2 thoughts on “Book Collections As Much As Bookstore

  1. Books are those sort of things that you can never have enough of (in my opinion). My wife would disagree and she shakes her head looking at all the books I have amassed over the years. We kind of had an agreement that if I bought a new book I would get rid of an old one….as we were running out of storage space. BUT I just can’t bear to part with any of my old books. I think that there are about 3,000 in all – on all genres. Half on bookshelves in the house and the other half in boxes and tea-chests in storage in my garage. I would dearly love to own a bookshop. If I did, it would specialise in travel books and photography books (my two greateast passions).

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