What Makes Children’s Books Fun To Read

There are unlimited number of children’s books published in the world. All of those books contain different yet valuable knowledge either for kids or adults. Aside from adding knowledge, children’s books are always fun to read. No matter how old we aged, children’s books never failed to absorb us into the story to blend us all with the characters.

Whenever I read children’s books, there’s always something magical yet inspiring inside the story. The story itself is innocent yet it hold lots of meanings and lessons for self growth and self worth. Sometimes, even though we are reading at such an age, the ending of some stories are still unpredictable. What I love about children’s books is that the stories are unique and it clearly show us on how we usually behave when certain conditions happened. They show us cruelty, unfairness, kindness, all the possible event that can happened in a world. The ending might be beautiful or it might end in the most unfair ways that you could ever think. The thing is that, children’s books teach us about reality.

Children’s books teach us to see the world in the good possible way. Children’s books show us what could happened in a life of ours. It might be something seriously bad, it might be something really good. They teach us that life might be hard sometimes but everything will for sure turn magical if we keep on working hard towards our goal, they warn us about the bad things that can happened in our life if we keep on behaving wrongly on purpose. Children’s books teach us there’s always solution in every situations we faced and it is a beautiful gift to live our life with gratefulness and kindness. Well, I learnt a lot from children’s books. Do you learnt something from children’s books? What is your favourite children’s books?

Author : Celine

3 thoughts on “What Makes Children’s Books Fun To Read

  1. Another wonderful, smart post, Celine. I love how children’s books show us the goodness, too. There’s also that since of nostalgia. I have many favorites, but the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary, Charlotte’s Web, and anything by Judy Blume are among them.

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