4 Tips On How To Start Reading Routine

People read to gain information. Reading has been a part of our daily life. Starting from newspapers, magazines until reading the most updated news on social media. The thing is, people read everywhere. Reading is important and people are willing to read until the certain length of the passage. Most people find it boring to read such a long passage with only words and no pictures available. Well, here are some ways for you to build your reading routine to help you with those problems.

1. Create Your Schedule

To start your own reading routine, it might be best for you to create your own schedule at your best convenient time. You may set up your schedule to read every twice or once a week at a specific time for around 20 to 30 minutes. You are free to set any days or time that is convenient to you. Try to stick up to your schedule and never skip unless you had a very important reasons for skipping.

2. Create Your Reading Space

Next is to create your own reading space according to your own taste. You may set up a specific corner to be your reading space or it can even be your own bed. Try to set the place as comfortable as you can to make you feel relaxed when you are into your books. Your reading space can be anywhere you are fond of. It works well both indoors and outdoors.

3. Pick Your Reads

If you are still struggling to keep up your reading routine as in you are new, never pick up a book that you are not interested in reading for it will only make you less motivated to continue the rest of your reading routine. Instead, choose a book that truly spikes up your interest in reading. This way it will be easier for you to keep your reading routine as a beginner.

4. Make It Pleasurable

Don’t think of this reading schedule of yours is a burden. Think of it as a hobby and it is fun to have new activity that can benefits you in the future for you know lots of information from the books you have read!

Author : Celine

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