What Do You Think Of Movie Adaptations Of Books

Watching movies and reading books are two of the many activities that can entertain people. It is simple and it doesn’t take too much time. It will probably cost you two to three hours of your time and by those time passed, you will feel better and of course feel entertained. Some people prefer to watch movie and some others prefer to read. Either way, both of the activities are surely worth to try.

Personally, I love both watching movies and reading a book. My father loves movies and he loves to watch it together with family and I’m quite grateful for that because I learn to know and love movies from him. As for reading, I have read on a very young age and I love it. As I grow older,I found out that there are a lot of best selling books made into movie. At first I will always read the books before watching the movies. After reading and watching several movie adaptations, I decided that I love the books more than the movies because there are some detailed that are not being played in the movies.

There are this times where I really do love movies more than books. I watch every movies as long as it piqued my interest. Turns out, there are some movies that I watch without reading the books first as usual because I don’t have any idea that the movies are actually adapted from books. I just find out some time later after I watched the movie. This just changed my whole perceptions of movie adaptations of books. I stopped assuming that movies adaptations of books will never turns out exceptional because some of the movies are surely remarkable and now because I have known how great adaptations movies can be, I always wonder when will my favourite books be adapted into the next bookish movies. What about you?Do you love bookish movies?

Author : Celine

16 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of Movie Adaptations Of Books

  1. I like books and I like movies. Some stories work in one medium better than the other. In general, I find it’s better to see the movie first, because if you read the book, you’ve already pictured the characters and I often find it disappointing when the actor doesn’t match my expectation.

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    1. I can relate on that. Sometimes the imaginary characters doesn’t seem to fit the actors, but then, I find it pretty cool they can manage it quite well and some of them even nailed it!


  2. Most of the time if I read the book before I watch the movie, I don’t like the movie. There are a few exceptions. Indignation, based on a Philip Roth novel, is one that I saw recently and I also loved the movie version of Murder on the Orient Express. But generally I avoid movies that are based on books that I enjoyed because I expect to be disappointed.

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    1. There are indeed several bookish movies that don’t really meet the expectations. Sometimes I also end up being disappointed by watching the movies of the book that I have just finished. But then, I think it is still fun to watch bookish movies. Oh, I haven’t had any chance to watch Murder On The Orient Express yet but I will surely watch it in this near time!!

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  3. I love movies and I love books. There are many times I’m annoyed by adaptations though, because I feel like they undermine the authors intent. Every now and then I do watch a movie that departed just the right amount from the book, but sometimes if you love a book it’s impossible to like the movie!

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    1. I agree on the part it is hard to find a great bookish movies adaptations. I frequently feel bored through the middle. Luckily though, nowadays there are quite number of bookish movies that worth the try. Gone Girl is one of my favourite bookish movies adaptations. Ready Player One is a must try if you are looking for a decent bookish movies to try on!


  4. I love adaptations even if I don’t always like certain ones. Despite how much I read I’m a very visual movie loving person regardless. The books tend to play out in my head like a movie anyway so I’m always interested in seeing them.

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    1. That’s so true! Sometimes I am intrigued to watch the movies everytime I finished the book. Even if sometimes it did not meet my expectations, but still, it is entertaining to watch.


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