Why Reading Is Fun

People read almost everyday even on a daily basis. People read newspapers for information, people read magazines for fun and for useful tips, people scroll through social media feeds and read the most updating news on the applications. In almost every places, people always read.People need to read to communicate better with each other. People enjoy reading as long as they feel like they need the information or when they are interested with the topic. If people are interested with the title of the topic, there are high probability that they might spent some short of their time to read the article until the end.

Reading is fun. You can always get information that adds your knowledge by reading. Even by reading a child story books you can gain some valuable moral lessons. Just by reading the story itself is fun. It is fun to encourage the characters along their adventure, it is fun to feel the thrill and joy of the characters. Some people might like a specific topic for reading. Some might prefer to read educational topic, some might prefer to read informative topic and some might prefer to read politics. For me, I prefer to read everything related to story, a little bit about biography of someone I am taken interest to in the meantime and sometimes I read weird but true events that has ever occurred in the world before.

Reading not only provide us knowledge, they also give us the ability and skills to be a better writer. Reading can also improve our vocabulary to be better. By reading you can also gain inspiration easier and it can help you grow your imaginations and creativity. You can even share and exchange story that you have read to your friends, discuss them and enjoy the fun together!

Author : Celine

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