Jorge Luis Borges – ‘ I Have Always Imagined Paradise As A Kind Of Library. ‘

Jorge Luis Borges – ‘I Have Always Imagined Paradise As A Kind Of Library’

Readers feel joyful even though they are checking the small stack of book collections they have in their room. Not to mention, it must have been an awesome feelings for some readers who got bookshelves of their own. It surely took some time to clean the shelves but readers love to see their books placed neat and tidy on the shelves. It sure is a pleasure looking at the tons of books you managed to finish.

I possessed a small bookshelf and I can’t help but feel excited every time I scan through my shelf or any books scattered in every nook and cranny of my house. I love every places that has books in it. I remember I used to visit the school’s library frequently when I was still a high school student. The library is a heaven to begin with. The place are so vast with super duper lots of book collections and they’re so peaceful. I can even find some serious popular books there and I can spent hours of my free time in the library without going anywhere.

As much as I love library, I find myself to love bookstores more. Just passing the store can make me feel giddy inside. Not to mention the moment I come inside the store, it really do feels like a paradise. There are books in every corner of the place! Imagine to possessed such book collections. It would be my kind of paradise if this happened.

Author : Celine

9 thoughts on “Jorge Luis Borges – ‘ I Have Always Imagined Paradise As A Kind Of Library. ‘

  1. Aaah, Borges, That takes me back! I love library too but it’s silent paradise, more of a sanctuary of joy, really! But bookstore? Hell yes! I adore them, I used to spent ALL of my time there on Saturdays afternoons, just reading and dreaming and learning… Thank you for this lovely post, this is the kind of nostalgia that warms the heart! ^^

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