What Do You Feel When You Are Reading

It seems hard to find readers around the vicinity. As a reader we often feels there’s no one in particular to share the fun of those books. Although it is quite hard to find readers among the vicinity, every time when readers visited a book store it will always be surprisingly crowded with loads of readers inside. There might be readers who stands and sits on the bookstore, there might be readers who roam around the bookstore to find the perfect book for their days, there might be readers who are lining up to pay their books and there might be new readers going inside the bookstore.

Once readers read it can takes up hours to finished. Some readers expressed their feelings when they read. Most readers expressed their feelings by showing their expressions. It’s not really visible but if you pay attention closely to readers, you might found a slight difference they made with their eyebrows. You may seen lots of difference expressions the readers have made inside those bookstores when they are reading.

I think I may be one of those readers who express my thoughts and feelings on my facial expressions as I read. There’s always these moments where I was shocked to find out that I was actually grinning so wide unconsciously and I can even laugh out loud when I read funny passage on books. I used to shed tears when I read something heart touching or when something really bad happened to my favourite characters. I can be pretty absorbed in a book so what do I feel in that particular moments depend on what kind of passage I am reading. Nevertheless I am quite grateful to be able to feel these kinds of feelings by reading since it makes me more aware towards humanity.

Author : Celine

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