Books VS Movies

Books and movies are both entertaining. Some prefer to read more books while some others prefer to watch more movies. Books and movies seems similar but the truth is they brought us different feelings. Reading a book needs time to finished. It can be days,weeks or even months for us to find out the ending of those enchanting stories while watching a movie only takes up couple of hours to be done.

People read because it’s beautiful to imagine the characters exist in the book and it’s exciting to imagine the places they have gone through and there’s no limit to the imaginations. Readers are free to imagine anything based on their interpretations of the text they have just read moments ago. People love to watch movies because it is visualised creatively and alluringly. Not to mention the enticing sound effect, the realistic scenes and acts, and above everything else the reason people love movies because it ends as fast as we start the movies and we won’t realise how fast has the time passed since we’re too engrossed in the movie.

Personally I love both books and movies. Books are something I get to enjoy in my personal space while movies are the activity where I spent some quality time with family and friends. The story of both books and movies are enchanting and it emits different kinds of adrenaline and feelings. There’s stories that you can only enjoy in books and there’s some other stories that you can only find in movies. I feel like there’s something off If I don’t catch up with both reading and watching movies because they are similar yet different and they are both special in their own way.

Author : Celine

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