How To Overcome Reading Stiffness

Reading is of course the most relaxing time ever for readers. No distractions, just books and readers. Once readers read, it will be hard to put down those books in possessions because readers are too absorbed in those stories. It can take hours for a reader to actually discard those books and start doing the things they are supposed to do. Not to mention if the books are one of the recommended reads or a page turner,readers can spend their whole day by reading and done nothing at all.

As a reader, we rarely change our positions as we read because we do not wished to be distracted and we don’t intend to miss out the next plot even for just a few seconds. This is one of the reason why some of the readers gain some muscle stiffness on some part of their bodies.

I also do gain some muscle stiffness after I read. Sometimes I even feel the stiffness before I finished reading. Mostly it’s on my fingers because I hold quite a thick books for such a long time. I can feel my back aches too because I tend to stay on one particular space and start to read and rarely change my sitting positions because I am too curious of what will happened next with the story and can’t afford to miss even a second.

Usually I have some remedy of my own to overcome the stiffness. If I feel my fingers are starting to stiff, I put aside my books and forget that I am actually still reading just a moment ago and start to relax my fingers by stretching them. Just a simple gesture of opening and closing your palm for several times will do. Next, If I do feel my back are starting to stiff, I will start to lay down on my bed for several minutes to chase the stiffness away.

Even If sometimes I do gain muscle stiffness because of reading for such a long time, I still can’t stop reading. I will pick up those books again after I feel refreshed and re-do all the things that will stiff my fingers again. Typical me.

Author : Celine

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