10 Bookish Party Ideas That You Might Need

Throwing a party is not easy. You have to match your taste along with the guests and set the party as comfortable as possible and you need to make sure your guests are going to have fun no matter what happen. It is even harder to throw a bookish party. Every person has their own preference of books and some of your guests might not even interested with the bookish party ideas since they’re not really fond with books. As a host you have to be very careful not to turn your fun bookish party into somewhat people called as ‘boring’. Below are some ways that might help you to hold a memorable and unforgettable bookish party:


This might sounds easy but in fact it is super difficult to choose a proper theme for your party. You may set one of your favourite books settings as your party theme but you have to make sure your guest are going to enjoy it as much as you do because not everyone reads and agree with your book selection. Instead, you may choose a particular genre and set it as your main theme, whether you want it to be romantic, mystery, horror, adventurous or even action. It doesn’t have to be a specific theme of a book. By this way, it will help your guests to understand more about the theme and made them feel more comfortable because at least, they get what you are trying to imply with the theme.

2.Invitation Card

If you are going to hold a party, you have to always distribute party invitation cards to your guests. Holding a bookish party is just the same. You still have to distribute invitation cards to guests. The idea is to design the most creative and the most bookish invitation as you can. This may bring excitement to the guests even before they come for the party because bookish party is a concept in which people find it difficult to held and it’s not like you can find bookish party everywhere you go easily.


After deciding on a theme or a genre, it is best for you to hang on some decorations to live up the party. You may hang on some ornaments or you can even made your own decorations out of old books’ paper that fits your theme! You are free to design anything you love and cut everything into pieces and if possible try your best to cut everything into similar sizes. You can also find some vintage ornaments and hang around the ceilings or walls to get that bookish feelings inside your party. Another idea,you are allowed to hang some framed short quotes on the wall too! Isn’t it nice?

4.Table Arrangement

You may or may not plan this table arrangement for your guests. If you do, you may design some creative yet bookish style table arrangement to boost the bookish mood inside the party. You can set this table arrangement to fit your theme. We know books are always related to this term called calligraphy right? Why don’t we list down guests name by writing some calligraphy on those table arrangement? If you are not that confident in your calligraphy technique, you can do some calligraphy print out to solve the problem. Easy and neat.

5.Tea Table

If you are hosting a bookish party, why don’t you place a small tea table for the event? Following your chosen theme or genre, you can decorate it to be horror, classical, adventurous or any other to fit your theme. Setting this tea table will probably cost you some additional works and you have to prepare lots of cups to do so but to make this party to be one of the unforgettable bookish party ever worth the try, don’t you think so?

6.Mini Library

Who’s in for these section? I am so ready to build a simple mini library if I were to hold a bookish party and I will be delighted to know that the host provide books for us to enjoy. Maybe you will find this idea quite risky since no one reads on a party right? But hey, it’s a bookish party! Even though they might not read, they will probably take a glimpse on your mini library and some will probably scan their eyes out on your books. It doesn’t have to be a fancy mini library. You can just display it on a table and put some sign on it saying it’s totally free to read.

7.Book Exchange

Having a mini library is one thing but having book exchange activities is another thing! If you are planning on holding a mini library then you might as well as doing this book exchange activity. You can announce it beforehand to your guests about this activity and that they are welcome to bring any books or none at all to be exchange later on. You can set some requirements for the exchange if you’d like to. Must be fun right?


Well,what’s a party without a celebration cake? To make your party merrier with bookish theme, why don’t you choose bookish cake as your party cake? It must be super awesome since they’re not many of us that actually ever bought or seen a bookish cake even for readers. For that reason,I’m sure people will admire your bookish cake!


Party without cupcakes? That’s definitely a big no. To make this bookish party memorable, why don’t you try to decorate your cupcakes with some bookish frosting on it? For sure it will made people gape in awe since you can rarely find any of cupcakes like these. They might have snap your party and cupcakes to one of their social media feeds and set your party and cupcakes on trend! That would be a big success!

10.Bookmark Corner

After all of the hard work, why don’t you make this simple mini corner for your guests? This might be the coolest thing ever in your party even for those who are not that interested enough in books. Besides this will not take that much work to do since all you have to do is just to prepare some colourful markers and a bunch of colourful cartoons and scissors. You can even provide some washi tape to help them to decorate better. The most exciting part of this bookmark corner is you can even use this corner as a mini competition for your bookish party to choose the most creative bookmarks of all.How exciting!

Author : Celine

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