Reading VS Writing : Which Do You Prefer?

Reading and writing are somewhat similar yet very different. Some people enjoy reading to the extend they are not aware of what is happening to the surroundings since they’re too lost in a book. Some people enjoy writing to the point they sacrifice their lunch or dinner or basically anything just to finish the piece. Some people enjoy both activities to their heart content and there are people who only enjoy one out of the two activities.

I myself love reading so much. Reading lets me know about the other part of the world that I have never been before. Reading show me the life that I dream off actually exist and it teaches me some of the difficulties in achieving that life by stories. Reading show me that there are also life that I am envy of and life that I am actually grateful that I am in better state of conditions. Reading teach me to be more aware of feelings. I would imagine how would I feel if I was the one who was trapped in those kind of situations and it always naturally made me to be more thoughtful to the others.

On the other hand, writing lets me flow out all of my emotions and stories or even dialogues that keep on spinning inside my head. I have love to write since I was a kid. I remember I write stories and collected those stories in a book and even draw one of the scenes to support the story. These past few months, I realised I love books so much that I want to share all of the amazing stories that I have read. Unfortunately for me, people around me are not that fond of books. I have to find another source to brag about books. So, I write and eventually started this blog. Writing also help me to cure my boredom if I have nothing to do in particular or when I am not in the mood for reading.

Well, if you are wondering whether I prefer reading or writing, I would say I love both. These two activities are different yet they bring the same result. I would love to say it is super fun and I feel content after I finished a book or when I finished my writing about something even if it is not related to books. Those activities are soothing.

Well readers, what do you think?

Author : Celine

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