How Do You Get Into The Mood For Reading

I guarantee everyone might have ever felt the laziness that creeps into your soul when you are faced to read a book. That’s the worst feelings ever.Imagine you have a deadline due too soon for your liking and the only way you could passed is by reading a 500 hundred pages book and analyse it. The one and only hindrance is your unwilling mood to read and it is super annoying. Well, some readers also got this moody thingy situations sometimes even though they are the one who choose their own book preference to be read.

I also feel that kind of feelings sometimes. It is true that I love books but sometimes I just don’t feel like reading even though the book that I am currently reading has reached it’s peak and therefore is going to end soon. For this reason, I occasionally thought that I am not quite a reader as I perceive to be. Turns out,I found out that some readers feel the same way as I do and now I know that it’s okay to be less enthusiast when we want to read.

I used to read in the evening and most of the times I finished a book in three days or so. Lately, I read in the middle of the night. You must think that I am crazy for doing so. I can waste hours to read before going to bed which results in dark circles and under eye bag that looks pretty horrid for me. Can’t help it though since the urge to read comes around midnight and lately I don’t feel like reading during the day. Even if I have hours of free time during the day I will still won’t read. That’s pretty annoying to be honest.

My one and only solution to keep me reading when I am not in the mood is to force myself to read. I do that sometimes. I am curious with how the book is going to end but I still won’t read until the clock hits midnight. The solution of my current moody problem is to make sure I don’t have anything to do in particular and to wait until I get bored of the situations and eventually find a comfy place to stay which is my bed and in those moments I will start forcing myself to read because I know It would be hard for me to put down those books once I start reading. To be curious of the ending is another motivation that is quite helpful.

Well have you ever experience these kind of situations where your mood takes the best of you? How did you deal with your mood?

Author : Celine

4 thoughts on “How Do You Get Into The Mood For Reading

  1. This is me some times
    I want to read the book but laziness the enemy of progress is also there
    I have started venturing in audio books whenever it’s available to beat the laziness or if it’s an e-book I use a reader for the lazy times
    Because we have to read either way

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  2. Hi… Do check my last post on Blogger Recognition Award. I have nominated you for the same & Congratulations!!!
    Link to the post -

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