7 Personalized Bookish Gift For Readers

Finding a perfect gift for your beloved might be difficult. I don’t know about you but hunting gift is a big challenge for me. I can walk for hours or spend days for nothing in the end. I believed it’s even harder to find something perfect for your precious who love to read that much. You can buy books but for you who are not an avid reader might be wondering whether if it’s worth a shot or the other way around. Below are 7 personalised bookish gift that might help you.

1. Mugs

These might be one of the gift readers may love. The book related design itself is enough to boost readers mood. Moreover, mug is a very useful gift. Some readers treasure mugs like they treasure books because they always need a sip of coffee, tea or maybe hot chocolate to accompany them while they read. If you meet readers who love books and coffee this gift might be their favourite. Meanwhile it’s not that hard to buy a personalised mug. You can even order online without having to walk for hours.


Aside from mugs, you can send this pillow as a gift. You can design this gift with their favourite quotes or their favourite book covers. Some readers love to cuddle up with fluffy things while reading. You can send this gift for them who loves cuddle or if they’re not you can send this gift as a collection. Readers love collections.


Who doesn’t need cutlery in their life? Everyone need spoons, forks, knives and even chopsticks to help them with the dish, with a little alteration this cutlery could be the perfect gift for your beloved readers.You can personalised a spoon, fork or knife and add some simple meaningful words. Imagine having different cutlery set from the others. Must be cool.


Another simple yet meaningful gift for readers. This gift can be brought everywhere easily and can be used daily. You can bought a notebook with pretty covers or even a sweet motivational quotes and present these pencils next to it. Perfect gift for those who loves to write.

5.Electronic Devices

This gift might be a little difficult to find. It’s a USB flash drive with readers favourite book covers or readers favourite genre. Readers might be thrilled to receive this gift since it’s quite rare and unique. Not only USB flash drive, you can even personalised reader’s hard disk or any electronic devices like laptop or even cell phone cases.

6.Mini Book Charm

This gift is brilliant. Every readers wish for a mini book charm but some refuse to create one since it’s quite much work to do. Why don’t you create one? This gift can be made as a necklace, bracelet, mini bag charm or pencil case charm or even as an earrings. Depends on what clasp you are using. There are many tutorials on YouTube if you’re interested in creating one.


Who said you can’t bought a ring as a gift for your beloved readers? This gift might be a little bit pricey though but readers might be delighted to receive this ring since not everyone possessed rings like this. Worth the try.

Author : Celine

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