What Is Your Favourite Genre?

Every readers has their own book preference. We can’t force someone to love a particular book because it might not be their style. It’s hard to find someone who share the same taste as us in books. Even sometimes if you found someone who shares the same genre interest as you,it doesn’t guarantee that they will absolutely love your book choices. There are numerous of genre exist in this world. The most popular genre of all and I’m sure there are lots of readers who might love this genre. Romance.

It’s not like I despise romance but unlike any other readers out there, I myself not really fond of romance. In some of the books that I have read, there are little part of romance that happened, like maybe two or three paragraph every four chapters and I loved it. Sometimes I even expect them to be together in the end of the book. The bad news is that I can’t help but to feel bored to read a book with only romance genre inside. I found out this fact after I bought a popular romance book and try to read the whole book. I manage to read everything but sadly I’m not that satisfied with the book and feel bored instead. Like I said, it’s not like I despise romance but I thought it just not my style.

Romance doesn’t work that well in me but mystery works so well with me. I love mystery. You can say half of my book collections are related to mystery. Murder, suspense, thriller, crime, anything similar to that. My friends always wondered how can I love these kind of genre since there are many other genre to choose like romance. I have loved mystery since I was around eleven or twelve. I always love to find out what will happened in the end of the story. I found the book cool since it always have creative and logical solutions for every problems or cases that has happened in the story. I always wonder like how did they write such a creative writing?

Just because I love mystery, I doesn’t mean that I don’t read the other genre. I read every book that I found interesting. These days I found myself attracted to fantasy genre. The thing is most of good fantasy books always end in their third or fourth book and the problem is in my local bookstore, it is super difficult to find the book continuation that sometimes I ended giving up to read those books because I am afraid that I will never get to finish the series. I will be dead curious of what will happened next to the characters.

Like I said everyone has their own book preference. From the many genre available, I am most excited to read mystery cases. What about you? Do you love a certain genre? What could they be?

Author : Celine

8 thoughts on “What Is Your Favourite Genre?

  1. Interesting post! I’m not really fond of romance as well. I love mystery, but my most favorite genre is bildungsroman (or ‘coming of age’, I’m still learning the differences xD) so the novel focus on moral growth of the protagonist. I love stories that has character-driven as a biggest element hehehe.


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